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Dillon P.O.V

"Good morning class. I hope you've already started on your first impressions essay. As read on the paper, you only have two months to write it." Mr. Will said.

Oh fuck. I didn't even start on that stupid paper.

Oh well, I'll do it on the last week.

"I also want you to know, if you're doing your essay on someone in class, they won't know- not unless you tell them." He said.

Maybe I should do mine on Chelsea. She's a babe. The first page ill talk about how hot those skinny jeans look around her ass. The second, Ill write that her voice was like a sexy cougar whispering in my ear. Third; shes hot as fuck. And fourth, well, we actually haven't made eye contact yet.

This essay is going to be easy.

"And don't think you can just do this in a week or two. You have to really think about this. You have to use high school vocabulary words. If I see words like "good" and "pretty" I'm counting off. Understand?"

The class just groaned.

I could honestly feel Cait's glaring eyes burning into my soul. Every time I looked over she was just glaring at me with a "I could bury you alive" look.

And to be honest, I was kind of terrified.

And also very amused at the same time. I cant wait to go home, grab a bowl of popcorn, and just hysterically laugh at all her teenage boy drama in this diary.

Cait's P.O.V

"We should just jump him." Devon requested. He was clearly angry.

"He's too strong and muscular." I replied.

"Maybe we should super glue his hands to his-"

"Beth, that's not even close to a good idea." I widened my eyes at her, knowing exactly what she was about to say.

"But you know it would be a good idea though." She laughed.

"It's too risky." Devon told Beth.

I nodded in agreement.

"I just can't believe he snuck into your bedroom and stole your journal!" Devon angrily shook his head.

"Not me either." I sighed.

For some reason all my anger ran out. I was fuming all through my classes and now I just want revenge, and my journal back of course.

"Well we need to get revenge. But how?" Beth asked.

"Well, before revenge, we need to get my journal back." I said.

"Right." Devon said. "But how?"

"Hmm. Okay I think I have an idea. So, tomorrow night I'm baby sitting Michelle. I could find a way to get Dillon out his room and go find my journal." I suggested.

"And where do we come in?" Devon asked excitedly.

"I actually don't know." I said with a side frown.

"Um... Oh I know! We could ring the doorbell and pretend to be selling something. Hopefully, Dillon will answer the door and then we'll try to stall him until you text one of us that you have it!" Beth jumped up and down happily.

"Beth you're a genius!" Devon scream.

"That idea sounds amazing." I praised her.

"So if we just go over some key actions and just plan it out more, we can pull this off." I told them.

"It feels like we're in a movie." Beth laughed and we all agreed.

It does feel like we're in some really cheesy movie trying to steal something.

As long as I get my stuff back though, who cares.

Dillon P.O.V

I flipped through the book looking for some interesting pages.

A short one with sparkly pink stickers caught my eyes;

''I met someone that I actually think I could spend the rest of my life with.' The page read.

I decided to read on.

'His name is Nathan, he's so dreamy and has the most amazing blue eyes. He took me on a date yesterday and we went to a park-'

God this is so boring.

I flipped over a few pages and saw a page with scrambled, almost messy words. The whole page was full of words and they were all jumbled up.

Seems interesting.

'He played me. He used me and threw me away. I feel so dirty and horrible. Not even cutting my own flesh could heal the wounds he mentally gave me.'

I actually felt my heart drop as I realized what I was doing.

This was wrong, but maybe this is the only page that would be this depressing. Where the fuck are the love sick, hilarious pages like the one before?

Ah-ha, I found a page that was written recently;

'Cait, you're an idiot. How could you be so dumb! You clearly just let yourself be embarrassed by Dillon. And how could you be dumb enough to leave the goddamn curtain open! You live by a fricking teenage boy. Who has hormones like crazy and gets turned on by looking at a girls shoulder! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.'

"Ok first of all, I do not get turned on by a shoulder!" I muttered angrily out loud.

Actually, some girls shoulders can be pretty hot- but that's not the point.

A couple more pages over and I ended up in the back of the book. The last page wrote "Introductory" which is weird because this was the last page.

'I'm only writing in this journal because of my father. His death is making me want to die. Life is hard and no therapist could help me like this journal probably will. Get ready for depressing entries and random thoughts.'

Well damn. If this was written in the beginning them I wouldn't have continued.

Okay I'm done reading that journal.

It's weird because I'm actually feeling a little sympathy for Cait.

But then again, stealing her journal and invading her privacy was better than feeling sympathy. 


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