Chapter 30

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“Hey, you” my dad whispered softly as he opened the door to my hospital room and peered his head around the corner. “Can I come in?”

Despite his caring, calm attitude, I stared back at him firmly and nodded my head without saying a single word to him as he walked in to the room, holding a paper bag in on arm.

“How are you feeling tonight?” he added, still smiling as he set the bag down and walked over to my hospital bed. It was awkward, really. I didn’t really want him there, but I knew there was much that needed to be said.

“Not talkative much tonight?” he asked, sitting down on the chair beside my bed. I knew that I couldn’t exactly go anywhere with my current condition and so, if he annoyed me, I would just have to lie there and take it.

“You know exactly how I’m feeling” I shrugged. “You know exactly what is wrong.”

“Charlotte” he whispered, shaking his head and looking down at me. He slowly moved his left hand over and tried to take a hold of my arm that wasn’t broken, and because of the situation, I could do very little to avoid this.

“Get off me” I told him weakly, trying to move myself along slightly and remove my hand from his grasp. But, as I tried to struggle, he only gripped tighter.

“Charlotte” he said again, only this time his voice had a more firm tone to it. I didn’t want to see him get angry again, although I knew that it would have some perks. Like getting kicked out of my hospital room, for a start.

It was annoying me slightly how I had insisted that he should stay with me instead of Midge. I wasn’t all that sure why my mum hadn’t stayed in the first place, but Matt was already starting to grate on me.


“We have to talk about what you saw. We both know that” he finally admitted. “Although, I’m not really sure that there is much I can say to you” he told me, stroking my hand lightly for comfort.

His eyes couldn’t really meet mine, either.

“And” he continued, getting all choked up, “I can’t deny anything. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t lie to you, about anything. I don’t want us to have the kind of relationship where all we do is feed each other lies.”

“Well, I don’t either. And, that works both ways. You can’t expect me to lie to my mum about everything. You can’t expect me to lie about anything” I retorted. I had decided shortly before I spoke, that arguing was not the best way to go about everything.

Hell, arguing was probably what got my parents into this mess in the first place.

“I know that I can’t” he told me. “But, you have to bear with me. It’s going to take some time to admit to your mom about what has being going on with Wednesday and I. You know what? I still love her, I really do. I’m just so unhappy in that house and-”

After hearing him say that he was unhappy, I couldn’t contain my anger.

“But I’ve only just arrived!” I sobbed suddenly. “How can I make you that unhappy?”

“You haven’t!” he exclaimed. “Charlotte, you have made me the happiest that I have felt in a long time. If it wasn’t for trying to find you, actually locating you, and fighting to get you back, I don’t even know if I’d still be in that house. We’ve had this coming from the start.”

I blinked at him plainly. “So you’re messing my mum around just because of me?”

“Charlotte, I-”

“Why are you still with her if she makes you so unhappy?”

“Because I didn’t want you to think that I was some deadbeat dad who couldn’t give a shit about you. I didn’t want you to think that I couldn’t care less about you, or that I didn’t want to know you.”

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