Dirty- Robert Imagine

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Dirty Robert Villanueva imagine for maliks_princ3ss on wattpad!

You held your boyfriend, Robert's, hand as you walked out of the dark movie theatre.

"I cannot believe I actually let you convince me into seeing that movie." Robert said, wide-eyed.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad." you reply.

"You could practically see Harry's dick after Liam pantsed him."

"That was the best part." you mumble.


"What nothing I have to pee!" you say awkwardly as you take a left, making your way into the woman's restroom, leaving Robert to sit on the bench outside.

After you finish doing your business, you wash and dry your hands. Making your way out of the bathroom, you spot Robert talking to a blonde with the shortest of shorts and her boobs hanging out.

You paused, listening to the conversation.

"You're soooo manly. Can I touch your abs?" she said, flinging herself all over him.

"Uh..." Robert paused, looking around him. "Sure."

He lifted his shirt up and she bent down to touch them.

"Eh-hem." you loudly cleared your throat. Robert turned around quickly.

"Before you try to hop on his dick as well, just know that he has a girlfriend." you say turning around to walk away but then you stopped, turning back around. "Actually, had."

You begin to storm off away from Robert. You were in desperate need to get as far away from him as possible.

You walked to your car and tried to open the door before realizing that Robert had your keys. Dammit.

"Looking for these?" you heard. You whipped your body around only to jump at how close Robert was to you. His eyes spelling nothing but lust.

"Give me my keys, Robert." you demand.


"What?" by this point, you were beyond furious.

He pushed you back up against your car and pressed his lips to your ear.

"Come and get them." he growled. He pulled back and placed the keys in his pants.

You rolled your eyes. I'm going to fucking kill him, you think.

You reached your hands towards the area of his crotch. Taking a deep breath, you unbuttoned his jeans to give yourself a bit more room. You instantly felt him hardening under your touch and no matter how hard you tried, you could not keep the devilish smirk from your face.

You reached inside his boxers, ignoring the heat, trying to find your keys. Where are they?

Your hand wrapped around Robert's dick in effort to reach your keys. He let out a loud and throaty moan. The sun came out from behind the clouds making something shine bright in Robert's clenched hand. Your keys.

"God dammit, Robert!" you yell. You grab your keys from his hands and unlock your car. Before you could open the door to your car, you felt Robert's arms wrap themselves around your waist pulling you into the back seat.

He threw you into the car before climbing in on top of you and slamming the door, locking it behind him.

"Robert, stop." you say. Although you were beyond pissed off at him, you couldn't help but be turned on by his actions.

He immediately started grinding his hips against yours. You felt the warmth of his lips collide with the vulnerable skin of your neck.

His hands ran down your sides, giving you goosebumps. He removed your shirt then quickly your pants, leaving you in just your undergarments.

You locked eyes with him. Your body trembling at the thoughts of what he's going to do to you. You carefully removed his shirt.

And before you could process it, you were booth completely nude.

Robert's hands traveled down your body, resting in your heat. He began rubbing circles into your clit while his other hand reached your breast, messaging it.

"R-Robert." you moan out.

You praised god that you had decided to get your windows tinted.

You arched your back in pleasure. "Robert I'm close."

He stopped pleasuring you as he then hovered directly on top of your needing body, positioning himself at your entrance.

"You ready baby?" he asked. You just nodded.

He slammed his erect length into your hot, wet, tightness causing a yelp to escape your lips. He bgean thrusting himself into you slowly, almost in a teasing way.

"Faster baby!"

Robert obeyed you, thrusting faster and faster, harder  and harder.

The windows of your car were fogging up.

"Ooh Nisha, you're so fucking tight. Mmm." Robert moaned.

"I'm almost there."

"Okay baby, cum with me."

After a few more thrusts, a powerful orgasm approached the both of you, causing you both to shriek.

Robert finished himself inside of you before pulling out and collapsing on top of you weakened body.

All that was heard was the loud breaths.


"Yes, Robert?"

"I'm sorry. I love you so much. I honestly don't know what came over me but-"

you interrupted him by pressing your lips to his.

"I love you too Robert."


idk man... rob feels ugh.

Hope you lied it Nisha!

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