"WAIT!!" Ana screamed knowing I would hear her even if she hadn't. Ana Morce is my best friend. We first saw each other at the mall, then we got put in the same kindergarten class. We have been friends ever since then. "What Ana?" I asked even tough I did not want to know. "Did your mom tell you your surprise?" She wondered. Somehow I knew she would say that. I could practically read her mind. I kept walking and that made her mad. She still followed me. When we got to my house I asked if she was coming in. She ignored me and walked in. There was a letter on the table with BOTH of our names on it.

We walked over to the letter. Oh god. Why did it have both of our names on it? I shook that out my head picked up the envelope and opened it. A letter and two pieces of paper fell out. I picked all the paper up. The two little strips of paper where plane tickets and our flight left tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. I flung the letter open and it was from my mom. It read....

Dear girls,

I bought the tickets for you two and Ana your mom is okay with this. You two will be gone for two months. You are going to California. I sighed you up for the baby project. You will each get a partner. You and your partner will raise one child, twins, or the lucky ones get triplets. You will be tested on how the child is cared for and how you and your partner treat each other.

Love, Jordan's mom

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