Death, Life, and a Bittersweet Lullaby

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(A/N: Hey guys i decided to do a few poems so tell me which one you guys like best and pick a topic for me to write about!!) ( btw all these poems are by me !)


The world has flown amiss

Into a dark abyss

And the worst part of it is

That you have left...

The days we laugh and play

Have turned bleak, lifeless, and grey.

The sounds of joy we left

Have turned into death.

You were my light, my place to hide!

You were always standing by my side.

Then you left me standing there,

Tears flowing, Blowing hair.

Eyes crying i see, You wanted me to be


I can't help this!

It's driving me insane!

It has overwhelmed my hearst, soul, and brain!

But i can't help this!

So i stand up feeling weak

Tears running down my cheek.

But i retaliate!

Think of everything i hate!

Then you come down to say "Goodbye"

Caress me on the lips

Then to the sky.

Your luminescent halo shining there,

Your chocolate brown hair,

And my heart is well again.

Finally it is,

The End!

( so do ya like it? yes ,no?)



Life is a begginning, an end

A new start, an old friend

A bleak past, a bright future

A hug, a smile

A tear, a frown

Through Old memories and new

Good times and bad

Angry, happy, sad

So many different people

We've come to share it with

Life is a dream, a nightmare

It depends on you!

Life is love, is hate

So many mixed up people

So many mixed up things

Which way is up and which is down?

Even if we turn around

Do we even know whats going on?

So many wars and fights

warm days, cold nights

No it is more than that

Life is cheriished, loved, mourned, and celebrated

What is life?

No, who is life?

Life is us

( like it? hate it? yes? no?)


(I'm going to finish it off with a lullaby!cit's not finished, and i have more poems but im not gonna post them till you tell me what you think)

Bittersweet Lullaby:

Pain drifts away like the moon and the stars,

Slipping while dreamers may dream.

Only when woken and to their alarm,

The pain slips back into the seams!

( tadaa thankyou! do u like it? yes? no?)

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