Chapter 64

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Anyways, I hope you like this chapter. I have actually been terrified to post it and I’d love to hear all of your opinions!

Anddddddddddddddddddd, I have planned out the rest of this story now, which makes me sort of sad, but I do have another idea in the works.

Btu seriously, even then I have like at least another 15 chapters of ideas left aha

And so as a way of showing my appreciation to all my fans that have followed this story, I’ll be leaving a little surprise for you…

It’s only going to be an epilogue of the story, but I’m going to set it so that only my fans can read it.

I mean, hey, I have to show my appreciation to them somehow don’t I?



After a few recreational drinks, the girls decided that we needed more if we were ever going to have a full on party.

It only really occurred to me that Matt was old enough to buy us alcohol, and that I had yet to use this privilege. Although, I didn’t really want to tell the girls in case they took things way too far.

But still, we were all pretty out of it and it wasn’t even six pm.

Midge had assumed the position on Linds’ sofa in her room, and was clutching a bottle of Jack Daniels to her chest.

Linds and Fallyn were spread out on Linds’ bed with the vodka, and Matt and I on the floor, on opposite sides of the room. Thankfully, Linds’ parents weren’t around, although her older brother was downstairs. We had all clearly had too much to drink.

Matt was sitting quietly in the corner, not saying a word to anyone. I think they had all decided against questioning about the baby and stuff. I liked it with my Vegas friends. It was almost as though I could leave behind the world and my life.

“What if it all runs out you guys?” Midge wailed as she squeezed the bottle harder and harder. “Guys? What will I do?” Her eyes were glaringly wide and she truly looked terrified that we would run out.

“It’s not even night time!” I giggled as I hid my bottle away from her. “We’ll get more from somewhere!” I reassured her. I knew that at some point I probably would make Matt go and buy more.

“Well” Linds announced, standing up abruptly and having to steady herself from completely falling straight over onto the floor, face first, “I propose that we go downstairs and see what else there is to drink.”

“Agreed!” Fallyn screamed as she stood up. She had to steady herself a little where she stood, but after that she was completely okay.

Matt rolled his eyes and looked at me. I could tell that he didn’t want to go anywhere. He remained glued to his position in the corner of the room.

“Come on” Midge giggled as she walked past him and to the door of Lind’s room. “Come one Matt, we need to go and dance downstairs now.”

Matt and I exchanged glances. It was beginning to sound a lot like how Jenna’s party had gone just before Brian and Vicki were found out. I could tell that the fear of being caught was deterring him from doing most things.

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