Chapter 2 Bullying and Fangirls~

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You was now 5 years old. You dress like a boy because your mother thought you looked cute in your brothers old clothes. And for some dumb reason your brothers Lukas and Emil really thought you was a boy but you thought it was a joke they was pulling in you.

It was your first day of school! You was so happy to finally go to school. "Big brother Emil..." He looked down at you "yes?" You looked at him with a smile "is school fun?" He had a irritated face but answer "kinda" Emil wasn't to happy because his birthday was coming up. You was happy he was turning 12 but it seemed like he didn't want to grow up. He waved goodbye to you and you did the same. Every girl in the class looked at you with weird smiles. "Hi...I'm __ what's your?" They just ignored you. The whole class time was good but recess was the best. You climbed up the tree of the playground and sat watching others play with their friends. "Umm...hi?" A boy said from the ground. "Hey!" You waved at him. He smiled sweetly and had a strange long curl in his face kinda like big brother Lukas but different. "Can...I join you..umm?""__ and yeah come up" he smiled and climb the tree. You was having the best time...until after school a girl pushed you over "leave our Matthew alone!" She yelled at you "he my friend so what if I hang with him!?" She stepped on you "HEY!" someone yelled "leave my baby brother alone!" You looked at Emil running towards you and the girls. "Hahahaha" they started to laugh because you was a girl but he called you a boy. "Your a boy?!" One of them laughed. Emil told them "Get out of here!" He picked you up but you pushed out of his arms "I HATE YOU!" you yelled and ran home by yourself.

Emil Point of View

I saw __ getting picked on! "HEY! LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I yelled and they was laughing at __. I didn't understand. I told them to get lost and I picked up but he pulled out of my arms and yelled "I HATE YOU!" Then he ran home. I felt bad but I don't know what I did?!

__ point of View

I went upstairs to my room without talking to anybody. I had pushie dolls of all my brother's(you made are so smart) I grabbed the one of Emil and hugged it "how stupid are you big brother?!" I yelled at the doll...I started to cry. And thrown it to the floor and hugged my pillow. I heard a knock on the door. "__ are you okay?""no" my big brother Tino came in and sat in the bed "what happened today?" He said petting my head "big brother called me a front of these mean girls...." He smiled and said "well he doesn't know your a girl you know" I looked at him confused "mother always puts you in boy clothes so he just got confused okay?" As he finish...big brother Lukas bursted in and grabbed me"Hey!" He said nothing as he went downstairs. He put me down on Emil's lap "apologize " I looked up at Emil and we both said at the same time" sorry...what?!" Emil closed my mouth "I'm sorry __ for messing up your time with girls...I thought they was bullying you not flirting with you" you giggled a little bit "big brother...thanks for being you" you hugged him "huh?" He said confused. You smiled "and I'm a girl.." he had a shocked face "really?!" You laughed and jumped down from his lap.

~Emil Birthday Party~

Emil didn't like his gift from Mathias. It was a beer bottle.

List of Gifts


Lukas:How to say big brother book

Tino:Teddy Poler Bear

Berwald:A Puffin(I had to)

__:A doll of you and Emil hugging

He liked your gift and kept it on his bed. And he kinda like Berwald gift but the puffin was to irritating when it talked.

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