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Pia Mathers: Chapter One (Extract ONLY!!!)

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Living in the heart of the city, Melbourne was Pia Mathers dream, she had just recently moved to the wide hustle and bustle of the streets with her parents, it was a whole new world compared to her own little cabin in the woods, the country was her haven but her heart lingered for the city lifestyle. Pia wasn’t your usual sixteen year old teenager, she was unique in how she acted and presented herself to others. She wore her hair to the side in a plait, the ebony shades glowed in the sun as she strutted through the streets with her younger sister Abi in toe.

“Abi, hurry up! Stop walking so slow” Pia lashed walking alongside Bourke Street shopping Mall. This was like her own Idaho, heaven in her dreams. Her eyes widened and she clutched to her little sisters hand as she pushed through groups of people.

“Pia, stop dragging me around!” Abi snottingly spat stamping her feet to the rhythm of the nearby drummers beat. She was always very insistent on being treated like a mini adult, but Pia had, had it with her sister. “Just stop acting so spoilt” Pia chimed frustrated. Making their way down passed the Myer windows, it was Christmas time and they were all decorated with the tale of Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick.

The crowds were fierce pushing back and forth, children screaming and crying. Pia thought, ‘Lucky Abi isn’t like those children’ and squeezed Abi’s hand in comfort.

Once people calmed down and the lines started to move everyone was on better terms, it was cold out even though it was suppose to be the start of the summer season. Pia couldn’t wait until Abi was satisfied with the Christmas windows, then she could move inside and start to shop for Christmas presents. It was never the plan to have her sister tag along, but in the essence of time management or the lack of, her parents was kind enough to insist she take her sister with her.

Moving along slowly shuffling her feet Pia was so over the city and wished to just have gone it alone, but instead another chore had arise and she was left to attend to her sister. Her parents were never so insistent but for some reason this time they wouldn’t listen to Pia’s reasoning.

Pia finally was able to move inside the Myer shopping complex with a happy-go-lucky sister. “Pia, what are we shopping for now?” Abi asked curiously, as she smirked.

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