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The Psychic Study


10. The Survivor

Part 3

   I wandered through the distant halls of the unfamiliar Institute, learning the room structures and colours. People should be arriving soon; I mean I was the first person to get here, with my sister. Mr Crowlman passed me and abruptly stopped, spinning so that he faced me. I gave him a puzzled face, not really understanding his crazy ways.

‘Ruby.’ I explained as I saw his frustrated expression. He smiled and looked around him, before his eyes wandered back to me.

‘Yes, Ruby. I have someone I’d like you to meet.’ He said, offering his arm. I took it gratefully and followed him into a dark room. He smiled as we entered, motioning for me to go first. I nodded my head once and continued on into the room.

    It was dark, and it really didn’t hold any light, only darkness. I blinked rapidly, trying to get them to adjust. When they finally did, I started to notice the other presence in the room.

 His name is Ashton Beaven. He’s one of the unfortunate few that survived through their Psychic influences. He won’t stop rambling to himself! I feel we have lost him. Mr Crowlman’s mind collided with mine, making me gasp. He apologised, but continued to babble on about the boy curled up in the far corner of the room. 

    Walking up to Ashton slowly, I went to touch him, but his shoulders hunched inwards instinctively at my touch. I gulped.

‘Ashton? I’m Ruby.’ I reached out again, and this time his dazzling blue eyes met mine. He didn’t look crazy, but then again, not all mental patients do. He had shaggy black hair resting on his face. Now for the hard part. I knew what Mr Crowlman wanted me to do, and I was going to try my hardest to do it.

    Reaching out my mind, I searched for his, trying to find him. I knew when I did because I came up to a blank wall, but it would be easy to breakthrough. Once I got through, both he and I gasped.

Get out of my head! I don’t want you here, just leave me alone! Ashton screamed in my head, making me back up physically. Pulling my mind from his, I slowly made my way towards him until my mind stood right in front of his. He avoided my gaze, so I knelt down and took his hands.

‘No. Ashton, you need to wake up, you hear me?’ I asked, shaking his arms gently until his eyes met mine.

‘Why? I’m nothing, Roo-bee.’ He said, emphasizing my name. I laughed and shook my head.

‘You’re not nothing Ash-ton; you are… your own person.’ I replied, taking his hand and pulling him upright. His eyes continued to zone out, one minute looking at me, and then the next looking at nothing. I had to say I felt sorry for him, he looked so lost. 

    I steered him around to find Joyleigh. He held my hand and stayed close to me as we walked, never once glancing back at Mr Crowlman, who had trailed behind. 

‘Where are we going?’ He asked, making me smile. At least he’s talking, now all I have to do is help him through his problem. 

‘To someone who can help you. Come on.’ I tugged his hand a little and he followed obediently. He was cute, his jawline showing in all the right places. I had to admit, even though he was probably never going to be the same as he was before, he still succeeded in looking good. We walked all the way to the end of a long corridor until we were standing by Joyleigh, who looked at us and smiled. I knew Ashton was going to be fine just by looking at her smile.


Hiya! Good news, Citty is well enough to come home, but she has to rest for like 6-8 weeks! hope you like this part! xxx for now

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