My Dad's the Joker

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No copyright intended!! Tried to be as original as I could, characters mainly from DC Batman comics!

Fist attempt of a story..




Harley's POV:

"Puddin'?" I peered my head around the door.
"What!" Joker spat as he dropped all his plans to destroy the Batman all over the floor, "this better be worth my time! Or I swear it'll be the end for you!"
His fuming rage echoed around the large room of the warehouse he called a hideout. I took in a deep breath before I tried to speak again "I think it's best you sit down Puddin', "
"Why on earth would I do that Harls?" Questioning my strange reasonings Joker calmly sat down. I had to take another deep breath preparing for Mr. J's reaction, who knows what he would do..
"I'm pregnant."

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