Midnight Blue

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It has been three whole days since Derek left and I was adjusting to being the sudden parent of a four year old little girl.

Derek gave me his card before leaving us at the airport so we could go shopping. I managed to somehow convince him to allow us to stay in our own home instead of the main pack house while he was gone but had to have Melly and Brad and a few other hand selected guards with us.

Three of those guards were currently tailing behind us as we shopped for some clothes and stuff for Alison. Alison was still rather quiet but warming up now to Melly who joined us on the trip.

"Excuse me but who are you?" I turned towards the voice of a teenage girl with a blonde ponytail. She was human and I put my hand out to signal for my guards that it was okay.

"Do I know you?" I asked the young girl.

"No but you must be famous," she smiled at me.

"I'm not famous," I told her.

"Sure your not, that's why you have bodyguards following you around," she motioned behind me to my body guards and I shrugged my shoulder. "Can I have your autograph?' she shoved her handbag in front of me with a hot pink marker and I took it not sure what to do.

"Of course you can," Melly told the girl. "Do you want her to sign on the purse?"

"It's a clutch and yes,"

I signed my name on her bag and made a few little doodles underneath to make it look better and handed it back. The girl looked down satisfied and walked away.

"I wonder why she didn't want mine?" Melly feigned brokenhearted.

"I don't know," I laughed. "Maybe I just have that famous look about me,"

Melly rolled her eyes as we walked into a furniture store. I couldn't believe I had forgotten all about furniture for Alison.

"So Ali tell me what kind of bedroom would you like?" I asked her.

"Can I have some stars on my wall?" She asked me.

"You sure can," I squeezed her little hand in mine as we walked around the store.

"We could paint you some stars and stuff on the ceiling," Melly said.

"okay that way I can always see my mommy," Ali said breaking my heart.

"Your Mommy will always be there," I told her.

"She told me I can always see her in the stars," Ali said.

"Yep and we are going to paint the biggest brightest star of them all," I picked her up and sat her down on one of the beds, "How about a princess castle bed to go with it?" I asked her.

"Can I have a castle too?" she asked me.

"You sure can," I said.

Ali was doing pretty good considering. Her mother passed the day after I agreed to take Ali with me. We attended the funeral and Derek insisted that we head home. I really missed him and wished he was here for all of this but he promised to be back soon.

"I will get some paint samples together for you guys to go over later," Brad said bringing me back out of my thoughts.

"Thank you," I told him.

We picked out a sort of Princess bunk bed. It only slept one but underneath was a castle dollhouse like for her to play in. Mell found a really cool doll house and some other furniture that would go with it. The clerk set up for delivery in two days so we had to get the room painted by then.
Derek had already had the rooms painted but the colors wouldn't go well with the theme Ali wanted. At least it would keep me bus until he came back.

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