Chapter 61

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Hailie had fallen asleep, only waking up long enough for Minerva to bring her something to eat for lunch, and then falling asleep again. Eli's situation was worse. He had fallen asleep right after Minerva, Cowal and Kelly had left and wasn't showing any signs of waking up soon. That was good. Hailie had used the pearls on him again and told Celeste what he wasn't saying, exactly how much pain that he was in, and also where was hurting the most. From what she could tell, he was only pretending that they didn't hurt much. His expression had changed in his sleep. He must not be used to being in such pain. That was good. It wasn't something anyone should get used to. She knew that from experience.

Zigzag and the Captain had gone to the ship to tell the others the good news, and had already come back.

It wasn't until it was late in the afternoon that Hailie had built up enough courage to leave the room, when Kendra came in and told them that Brook and his men had arrived in the village. It had taken him long enough.

The sleep and the food had done wonders. Hailie wanted to see what would happen. The four of them went to where the crowd was, leaving Eli under the watchful care of Geron and Doy.

Brook had brought at least twenty men with him. The villagers had formed a semi-circle behind Olwyn. Hailie pushed her way to the front.

Brook was standing tall and proud with his lynx by his side, and snake coiled around his arm. Trey was standing next to him. He didn't even look in her direction. He couldn't have sold her out, could he?

Olwyn and Keagan were standing in front of him. The negotiations had started.

"My men said they chased some people who were in our land. What do you know of this Olwyn," Brook asked.

"What is it that you want?" Olwyn asked. Hailie was disappointed. There was no way a real man would cave that fast, or a woman. Kendra or Indira would probably be holding a knife to his neck by now. She didn't want to know what Celeste would do and she'd seen what Mrs Gregory did to people that tried to run her out of her home and diner. It was never pretty. She honestly found it hard to think of someone she'd met in her life other than Olwyn that would cave this fast. Her three year old brother was much more stubborn than this to give up anything that he thought was his.

"You know what the condition was in our agreement. If anyone crosses over into the other's territory, the offended leader was awarded and extension of land of his choosing," Brook said.

"What kind of idiot would agree to something like that?" Zigzag muttered next to her.

"Also, the person who crossed over would be killed," Brook continued. "Who were the ones that came into my territory? Hand them over. They killed one of my men. The punishment for that is death. As for the land, I want right here."

There were mutterings in the crowd. He wanted their homes.

"That is unreasonable," Olwyn said.

"It doesn't matter. It was our agreement." The men behind Brook drew their weapons. The lynx walked around the semi-circle, sniffing at the villagers and bearing its teeth. "Are you going to break it? That won't work out well for you."

Olwyn looked at the men. "Fine. I'll give you what you want."

The mutterings became louder.

"Father, maybe you should reconsider," Keagan said. "We can give him something else. The waterfall is much better than this land."

"But you see child, I did not ask for the waterfall. I asked for this piece of land," Brook said.

"We are leaving here," Olwyn said. "It is for our safety."

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