CHAPTER 37 Family Visits

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"Hold me into the night, and don't ask me where I've been."


My Dad's brother, Jeff, arrived for visit. He was the first family visitor we'd had since Mom was diagnosed. My Uncle's family had played a huge role in the path we were on with juicing.

No one else seemed interested in seeing her. People were chomping at the bit when Mom was in the Hospital. But now that she was home, I guess it didn't seem as urgent.

The truth was her being home didn't mean she was okay. The only thing her being home meant, was the insurance wouldn't foot her bill anymore. She was not medically in need of a hospital. So I guess if you're in the hospital, then people care. If you're home, it's more like everything must be okay, and out of sight out of mind.

We were spending about $100 U.S. every week on the organic produce for juicing three times a day. So that was $400 a month for juicing produce. To put it into perspective, normally in month we spent maybe $200 total on produce. Greens could be hard to keep if you didn't take care of them the minute you brought them home. So it was endless juicing and wrapping the produce in paper towels.

It was a lot to keep up with. I was in charge of most of the juicing. I decided what we juiced and had to pull out enough produce every time we made the juice. I wrote down each and every recipe too and how much juice it yielded.

I had figured out it takes about four cups of produce to equal one cup of juice (depending on the produce you're juicing). Kale or collard greens, apples, and carrots were our staples. Sometimes I would add ground flax or chia seeds to the juice after it was made.

Every juice was an opportunity for me to learn and adjust our recipe. The recipes varied from day to day, juice to juice. I learned that adding garlic and bok choy made the juice warmer in flavor. And if you added garlic, it was important you juiced a strong enough fruit to mask the flavor. Otherwise, your days for kissing vampires would be over. Though dandelion greens had a lot of nutrients, they added a bitter flavor.

I tried adding lemon, strawberries, grapes, and occasionally pomegranates. I found adding lemon and pomegranates wasn't a good idea unless you liked the juice tart!

I loved it when my Dad got together with his brother Jeff. It was like watching my own private live comedy show. They laughed and reminisced about their childhood. Some of the stories were so funny!

Before dinner Dad made juice while my Uncle watched. He and Dad were talking and laughing the whole time. It was special to have my Uncle here with us. I knew he loved us. And I knew he didn't care about the conditions of our home.

I'd never felt judgment from him or my Aunt at any time during my childhood. They loved us come feast or famine. Their feelings and support never waived from that standard. It was refreshing to be around people who didn't judge and whose love never changed. I couldn't say the same for some of my other relatives.



Discussions of the spirit

My Uncle sat outside with Dad and I talking about other ways we can help support my Mom, spiritually. It moved Dad and I both to the point of tears. While we may have different expressions, and use different language, the ideas are generally the same...remove/heal any negativity that is blocking Mom's healing as well as our own.

Juice Day 38

4 leaves collard greens

1 pomegranate

2 apples

1 tablespoon ginger root

4 leaves red lettuce

6 carrots

11 beet green leaves

"To feel shame about where you are in your life, is to dishonor everything else you've been through."


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