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I wait for the Cullens and Wolves to come in. Then we start I put G into a group with a daughter of Nyx she had baby blue eyes with long black hair with red streaks, Mya. Then Erica daughter of Apollo eyes blue, long curly blonde hair with a red streak.
Just as I was about to start watching there moves two others came up and one was Jessica a daughter of Aphrodite from what I could hear she had curly long blonde hair, blue eyes with purple specks and a daughter of Nyx Kalani, eyes blue with black hair. From what I heard there a good fighting group , they only fight together though.
I go over " Hey guys I know you are a good fighting grpup but with us you don't need to be together for it go with your friends", they looked at eachother, noddedand went off. G laughed when I stared. "Okay I want to be friends me name is Gabbie, and maybe I can help you with a gun, I can use them." Wow she does a lot. I nod and we pair up and train. I look the the wolves "Well boys you going to stand there or train? Go to the girls that were with G and watch for the fighting, today is demigod fighting the vampire."

* Time skip brought to you by the seven deadly sins *

It's time for the fight.


Okay sorry if I made you girls sound a little weird but hey you are tough in this I have no clue if you are in the real world, I made myself sound cool, we will be mentioned now and then. Hope you like it! Comment, follow and give me a star!

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