Chapter 16

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Elyza Lex.

Once I wake up I remove the tarp from over top of the prisoners.

I wait for Jane and Alicia to wake up.

Once they do I decide to ditch the car.

I have the prisoners tied to a rope that Janes holding on to.

We come across many Deceased.

After a while we come upon a prison.

I kill the Deceased through the fence and then we all go inside.

I clear out one Cellblock.

And then we go and find the kitchen. Luckily there is some food not much maybe a weeks worth.

We eat and then I separate us into rooms.

Travis, Chris, Strand.
Madison, Ofelia, Nick.
Jane, Me, and Alicia.

I tie them to their beds and then I go back to my room.

There's only two beds in each room.

"Jane you can just sleep in the bed on the right with me."

"No I think I'll sleep by myself you can sleep with Alicia."

I'm to tired to argue.

I lay down next to Alicia.

3 Day wait on next chapter.

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