chapter thirteen

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Phil's P.O.V.

"You don't know how badly I want to make everything up to you, Dan," I say in an almost whisper.

"I still don't believe you," he replies.


He lets go of me, looking into my eyes. "Because I still don't think you would have done it if you were this sorry. I know you're not sorry, but I know you want me to forgive you, and I'd give anything to see you happy."

"Fair point," I reply, pulling him in for another hug, this time kissing him before pulling him in completely.

It seems like he almost cringed at me kissing him. I know I did bad. I know I screwed up. I know I shouldn't have done what I did.

But I can't take it back now, can I?

"You need to go, though. It's late. You need to sleep. We both need to sleep," he finally says, pulling away from me.

"I want to stay here with you. I want to make everything up to you tonight, I don't want tomorrow to come with everything still awkward between us."

"It'll take a while to make everything up. But fine, you can stay here with me. I'll sleep on the floor, you can have the bed," he says simply. He immediately walks over to his closet and pulls out a blanket and some pillows, throwing them on the floor.

 "Wait," I start.

Turning around to look at me, Dan sets his hand on his hip. "What do you want, Phil?"

"You don't... Have to sleep on the floor," I say slowly.

"I've got a small bed."

"And I'm a small person."

"You're huge."

I fake a pouty face. "We can both fit! I promise! I don't want you to be uncomfortable on the floor."

I watch the look on his face change as he ponders this for a moment.

"Fine. Go lay down."

I obey, and go get comfortable under his covers, still making sure there is enough room for him. Within a few moments, he joins me.


"Yes, Phil?"

"I love you."





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