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It was the end of the day, me and Ethan were at the boxing ring waiting for everyone else. He was currently punching one of the bags while I watched. I want complaining I got to watch him topless in sweat as his muscle flexed, it made my day a lot better. I was in a daydream when I heard someone call my name.

"Lily?" i heard ethane voice call out to me

"hmm" i said looking at my hands as i wrapped them up in white bandages

"Whats wrong?" I heard him say I the felt him walk up closer to me, he lifted my head with his hand underneath my chin, his green eyes searched mine again just like at lunch.

"nothing" i said lying to him, he raised an eyebrow and smirked. it was the bad boy smirk. his smirk turned into a grin. my eyes grew wider as he came closer picking me up throughing me over his shoulder

"ETHAN LET ME DOWN!!" I shouted as he laughed at me I started to punch his back but it was no use he was a tank. His strong arms where around my legs so I had no advantage of getting down. He then started spinning us around.

"ETHAN!!!" i started to laugh with him we were laughing so much that we stopped spinning he loosened his grip around me so i could get down. but as i started to clime down he stopped by wrapping my legs around his waist as i wrapped my arms around his neck to hold on. we were still laughing it was then that i noticed that i loved his laugh, i stared at him as he laughed it was like a little boy.

He finally stopped laughing and looked at me in the eyes, he raised his hand to stroke my face I loved the way he touched me it made me feel safe and I needed to feel safe.

"you'll tell me wont you if your sad or if..."

"i just feel ... lost" i interrupted him he raised his eyebrow he let go of me and we went to sit in the middle of the ring


"This is new for me... the whole relationship that feels true" I said he grabbed my hands and kissed them "but then ... " I held my breath and closed my eyes I don't want to become the jealous girlfriend.

"but then?" he asked

"Nina... she loves you... you can see it i can feel it when she's in the room i feel like I'm intruding " i whispered

"you know I'm not the jealous type Ethan... but i cant help but feel lost and confused" i said looking at him "i love you i really do and that scares me as well... with everything that is going on this seems the most pure and honest thing in my life" he looked at me and smiled

"you know... i knew it was about Nina especially after lunch" he laughed slightly i scowled at him " but i love you okay... trust me Nina is just a friend besides why would i want to let you go your out of this world" he smirked as i blushed

"i know she's just a friend ... i just wanted to tell you" i said quietly he came forward and kissed me passionately

"I know ... I'm glad that you're so honest even though I had to drag it out of you" he smirked I rolled my eyes and stood up.

"your so annoying " I said walking off while I hear him laugh.

i was now in the corner observing everyone, it's a bad habit but i couldn't help i watched the way Mia smiled with joy as she talked to Riley , the way Ethan and Charlie take and acted like made me smile but then at the same time it made me sad they where all so happy. as i stared at the floor i heard my phone buzz in my pocket, i sucked in a breath closed my eyes, i knew it was him its like he had a certain tone to the ring on my phone and it scared me.

Stand down, Bitch, play it my way and they all stay safe-D

I read the message over and over again I then looked up at everyone to see them smiling, I cant play it his way but then if I don't they will all get hurt.

"Finally you're here!" I heard Ethan shout I looked up to see Nina walking towards, her face was pale and her eyes where wide just like she saw a ghost.

"whats wrong?" i asked moving away from the wall dropping my phone on my bag

"Nothing...'she looked at me in a certain way that told me she was lying " so are we going to do this ?" she asked climbing into the ring putting her stuff in the corner.

I as well climbed into the ring and sat on the seat in the corner, everyone watched me.

"what?" i asked rating an eyebrow "i want to first see you fight each other then ill start with the flaws" i said shrugging

"Are you talking to us?" Riley asked in disbelief

"i believe she was" Charlie smirked

"Or I could beat all of your asses ?" I smirked allRiley did was glare.

"We need to teach Mia and Nina" Ethan said smile like a little kid I just shrug, and get up from my place.

"What makes you think I cant fight?" Nina asks and I couldn't help it notice Charlie laughing it made me smile.

"oh please ... do show" Charlie said i saw Ethan laughing slightly as well

"you know i didn't come here to be abused" she said crossing her arms crossed her chest

"fine... Ethan can help you..." i say

"i don't need help" she raised her voice slightly

"Or I could?" I said which caused her to go over to Ethan.

"Riley ... could you" he nodded knowing that he would teach Mia maid me happy.I turned to Charlie to see him smirking.

"I'd still like to see you beat me" his smile turned into a childish grin.

" as you wish" i laugh

we got into are perditions to fight him leaning down low so he could move quickly as i stood straight not showing what i was planning. the music started and my smile grew bigger. there was stillness on both sides. then suddenly movements, so much force in every blow we took to one another. he stepped back gathering breath but i didn't stop i ran up jumping onto of him moving my body around his twisting his arm behind his back, but he then flipped me. i laid on the floor coughing it was all an act pretend your hurt and they let there guard down. Charlie leaned oboe me looking at me worried.

"are you okay?" he asked i smiled his eyes went wide as i smirked i then grabbed his next pulling him down so he was lie with his back on the floor as i was on top of him holding his neck

"I win" I say in a girly tone he smirks. I then heard cheering around us I looked up to see all of my friends looking at us with shock and clapping.I got up letting Charlie off of the ground.

"Now I see why he wanted you in the Gang" Riley said while smirking I just shrugged and got my water bottle. I then saw Ethan leaning on the rope that surround the ring he smirked at me watching me as I drank. I walked over to where he was leaning on the rope he was on.

"have i got something on my face?" i ask raising an eyebrow

"no " he smirk turned into a grin

"then what?" i leaned closer to him so our eyes where the same level

"It was very sexy you beating his ass" he said resting his head in his hands, I felt my checks go hot I was turning into a tomato. All of the sudden I felt his lips on mine it was soft and passionate it was beautiful. He pulled back and looked into my eyes there was something wrong.

"whats wrong?" i ask running my hands through his hair, he closed his eyes at what i did he then grabbed my hand and kissed it looking into my eyes as he did. he sighed before he spoke again

"i understand why he's so desperate to have you" i pulled away looking at the floor

"Prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition. its human nature to be free. And no matter how long you try to be good, you cant keep a bad girl down" I heard Daniel voice echo through my head he said it the first time I won a fight.

"Your everything " I looked up at him to see him smiling "and i'm not letting you go" he finished a smiled slightly he came forward and pecked me on the lips and went off to Nina not before giving me a cheeky wink. 

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