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(Song:Just Like Fire)

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A Thundering Metalic Love

Third Persons P.O.V

"Laxus! Gajeel! Lucy!" Makarov called out from the railing upstairs, as he signaled them to follow him. Confused, each person who was called left the person they were talking to and headed up. "What is it Master?" Lucy asked, in between the two men. "There's a mission requesting you three. Its to defeat some creatures terrorizing some town." Makarov said as he handed them the job. "Let's go then." Laxus said as he turned and walked away, leaving the two behind. "Luce! What were you called up there for? You didn't get in trouble did you?" Natsu shouted, as they walked down. "Natsu, you are the most likely to get in trouble. We got called up for a mission. We have to go now, see you!" Lucy answered, and left with the two men. "So where is this place located? Gihi." Gajeel asked. "Its called, Dawn Island." Laxus answered. Lucy immediately turned pale. "Hey bunny girl you feeling alright? Gihi." Gajeel asked, looking towards her. "Y-Yea I'm fine! Everything's alright!" She stumbled, as they arrived at the station.

"3 tickets. Coral Town." Laxus said as the female in the booth blushed and shivered. The two rolled their eyes as they grabbed their tickets and sat down. "So why are we heading to Coral Town? Gihi." Gajeel asked, curious. "Co-." Laxus started but was immediately cut off by Lucy. "You can't go directly to Dawn Island on a train. Its waves are vicious and hard to get past. If you try going underneath, there are sharks and other things that can kill you. There's also the water pressure. Magic won't work against it. If you try then the magic is repelled and hits you or flows with the current. Using boats, whether magic or not, is similar to going underneath. Going to Coral Town, there are certain times where there is a path you can walk on to go to Dawn Island, that's when the waves are the calmest. Well that's what they all say, but its a lie." She said, mumbling the last part. "What makes you think that Blondie?" Laxus asked, eyebrows raised. "W-What do you mean?" She stuttered, looking away. "Ah, wait a minute...your also blonde!" She realized after a few minutes or so. Both boys snickered at her delayed reaction. "Jerks..." She pouted. "Yeah yeah whatever.(Gihi)." Both boys said at the same time. Lucy rolled her eyes before sighing. "What creature do we have to defeat?" "It says there's not just one. There also not sure but it maybe has legendary creatures said to not exist or disappeared." With that, all of the color drained out of Lucy as she fainted. "Huh?! Hey Bunny girl!!! Gihi." Gajeel shouted, shocked. Both of them immediately grabbed onto her before she could fall.

Time Skip

(Coral Town)

"We're here. You sure you're alright?" Laxus asked as Lucy scoffed. "I was just tired! I'm fine!" The boys looked at her suspiciously but sighed as they started following her towards the client's home. "Are you sure this is the right way? Gihi." Gajeel asked looking at where they had ended up walking. Lucy pouted as she nodded. "I'm positive!" "Sure you are. Let me see that map." Laxus said as he snatched the map from her hands. Lucy turned and glared at him as she reached for the paper, only to have Laxus lift it above her head. "Shortie." Laxus smirked as Lucy growled as she jumped up reaching for it, only to fail. "Gajeel! Help me!" Lucy whined as she looked at him. "No thanks. Gihi. Watching you fail is entertaining. Gihi." Gajeel said as Laxus smirked. Lucy frowned as she stomped on Laxus foot and reached for it. Only to fail once more.
"No apologies?" Laxus asked. "You don't deserve any." Lucy smiled. Laxus looked at Gajeel as both boys nodded, leaving a confused Lucy in between. "H-Hey!!! Put me down!" Lucy cried as she struggled in Gajeel's grasp as he tossed her over his shoulder. "Don't struggle unless you want to fall." Laxus said as he looked at the map.

Time Skip

(An hour later)

"Here's the house." Laxus said as he stared at Lucy. "Ok Ok I took a wrong turn for 2 hours! Sorry the map was confusing!" Lucy said as she held both hands up. She had stopped struggling 1½ Hours ago. "Are you the mages Fairy Tail?" A voice asked behind them. "Yes we are. Are you the client?" Lucy asked as they turned around. "No I'm not. My master is, he is currently inside. Follow me." A maid smiled as she lead them to their client. "Master, the mages from Fairy Tail are here." The maid knocked as a "Come In" was heard through the door. The boys grabbed each handle and pushed open the door as Lucy stood there staring. The master of the household, was currently shirtless and only had a towel covering his, uh, stuff. He was currently getting a massage and had hot rocks on his back. "Welcome Fairy Tail mages!" He grinned awesome Lucy turned and the boys glared. "I must be making you uncomfortable, please come in. I'll be dressed quickly." He laughed as a magic circle appeared beneath him, clothing him. They slowly, and cautiously walked forward towards the desk. "So cautious! Don't worry I won't do a single thing! My name is Haruka." He grinned. They all slowly sat down, suspiciously taking him in. "Wh-." Laxus started but was cut off by a scream. All eyes turned on Lucy as tears slowly fell, and she rubbed her behind. "Their were hot rocks on my chair!" She whined as the boys chuckled. "Oh, my bad. Seems like I forgot to put them away." Haruka chuckled, an aura of amusement and a slight grudge shown. "Oh no, it's fine!" Lucy smiled darkly. Laxus and Gajeel stared at them back and forth before coughing. "Oh right. I need you to defeat something on Dawn island. You leave now." He said as he turned his head towards them. They all nodded as they stood and walked out the door, Haruka following behind.

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