They had begun removing her and he posessively began to protest but Aidan held him back as Duncan told them not to touch her.

Aidan held him back as Duncan struggled in his hold to get free and go to her. He shouted furiously and wept the moment Aidan wrapped his fingers around his nape and shook him.

"Let us prepare her for her burial brother. Rigors is setting in." he croaked staring at him with reddened eyes that mirrored his own.

Duncan frantically shook his head as a rush of air left his lungs watching her being carried out the door.

"Let Moira clean her up and dress her. Then you can see her." he assured Duncan.

He stared into Aidans eyes. He took a shakey breath of air before more tears fell.

"She is gone, Aidan." he whispered. His broken voice let out another sob.

Death was no stranger to him. He had delivered countless souls on the battlefield during his fights along the kings side. But this. Was too much for him.

"She will be given the proper burial befitting of a Queen," he whispered to his brother.

And so it was said. So it was done.

His legs felt like stone as he walked through his chapel lit with candles towards the Altar where she was laid to rest.

He stood over her admiring how beautiful she looked even in eternal sleep. He brushed his finger across her cheek and lowered his head to press his lips to hers. It would be his final kiss. One he will never forget.

He stepped back and listened to the priest they had sent for as he prayed over her body. After, she was layed to rest in the family grave site near a beautiful willow tree.


The stages of Duncans grief had finally began to set in as the weeks went by without Tara.

He sat with her belongings and spoke as if she were beside him.
"Your square box is making sounnds I do not know what to do love," he drunkinly shook his head. His eyes rested on her image on her phone. He lifted a flask of wine to his lips and drank it. He was in denial.

He continued on this path until it took a toll on him. His nights were restless and his days were unbearable. Aidan and his fathers could do nothing but order his men to carry him up to his bed, stand back and respect his emotional descent. A deep depression was his plight this time.

Gradually, he began to return as the man they all knew before Tara came along. Strict, fierce and to a point unbearable as he knew now to accept the truth which was that fate bitterly played with his heart.

Two months on the eve of her death had everyone on pins and needles.

He trained wrecklessly that day with gruesome force that some of his men could not keep up and he lashedout at them angrily.

"That is enough Duncan," Aidan shouted walking towards his brother as Duncan shoved one of his men.

Aidan the only one that could get through to him finally was tired and iiritated had confronted him.

"Your anger is not going to bring her back, nor is drilling them to the ground." he said taking in deep breaths.

Duncans steel gaze clashed with his brothers. His heart tightened in his chest. The mention of her slowly worked his emotions.

"I miss her as well brother. We all do," Aidan grabbed his nape and pulled him close as Duncans shoulders slouched and his eyes reddened.

They all looked on saddend as Aidan convinced him to go.

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