CHAPTER 35 The Thief In The Night

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"Shards of hope lost

in dawn's sky

a silence deafening

my very soul

and a single memory of you."


Today was another big day. We would hear the results from the labs and then we'd know. This was our judgement day.

It was Mom's first M.D. since leaving the hospital and care facility. So far, we liked the Doctor a lot. He was kind and supportive. He understood and agreed with us about not doping Mom up on pharmaceutical medications. He believed like we did, that a lot of Doctor's were prescribing far too many meds for people and he was not only very open to, but believed in nutritional supplements.

We had a late morning appointment and Mom didn't need to fast for this one. So we had our morning ritual of juice. Then Dad helped Mom get dressed with the clothes I had picked out. Dad wasn't much for picking out clothes. His tastes were boring and drab. So I made him stop doing it. I picked clothes with color. Everything had energy, and that meant colors did too. Mom needed colors that would help bring more energy and brightness to her life even though she looked like she'd just walked out of a concentration camp.

She was getting more skin and bones with each passing day. But I reminded myself she was receiving nutrients. And right now, it was more important to kill the cancer than for her to put on a bunch of weight. She still hadn't regained her interest in eating though. She was more open than she had been. But she wasn't demanding food. We could only hope.

When we loaded Mom up in the car, Dad would literally walk her out. He'd become her "Walking Assistant". He stood behind her, holding her under her arms with his arms and slowly walk behind her as she walked forward. They looked like two zombies walking single file, only closer. Maybe it would turn into the new "Zombie Dance" craze.

We tried to keep her moving as much as we could. I used to take her for walks. But she was too weak for that now. So getting her up and walking her to the bathroom or out the front door was the best we could do these days. It wasn't much but it was something.

Dr. Nestor was concerned about the low potassium and iron from the bloodwork. He recommended we rotate grapes and bananas into her diet. He was going to put her on potassium and iron nutritional supplements pills. He wanted to have her blood checked again in a month.

Something was eating Mom's nutrients like a thief in the night. It was stealing almost everything we were trying to pump into her to help her heal. There was only one culprit Dad and I knew of and its name was cancer.



Days Juicing: 30

Only two issues with blood results that concern Dr.: low potassium & iron

That's not to say Mom's blood has no other issues. She does, based on her current health the isues.

weight: 98-99 pounds

pulse: 94

O2: 96

blood pressure: 90/52

Dr. has ordered additional tests to check heart and blood flow to brain.

Juice Day 30

1 cup arugula

2 apples

3 carrots

7 beet leaves

4 napa cabbage

4 leaves kale

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