CHAPTER 34 New Doctor

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"Maybe the day will come for me, when there are no words left."


Today was the big day for Mom's first appointment at the new Doctor's office, Dr. Nestor.

The first appointment was all about the labs. Dr. Nestor wanted to get the lab work done first, before he met with us to go over the results. Another reason we chose this Doctor was they did all the testing at their office. We didn't have to visit another facility for labs.

Our nerves were shot. Blood work and labs wouldn't lie.

Had we made any impact on Mom's health?

Or was it another path to chalk up as a failure?

If it was, this time failure would spell death. Mom's death.

Dad and I sang "Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer" and "Silent Night" on the drive over. Mom supervised from the back seat of the car. It was official. We're both going insane. I don't think you can remain sane and deal with this. I think it's imperative you go a little off your rocker! Lol

When we arrived at the Doctor's office, we got ready to unload Mom. Dad had gone inside the building to get a wheelchair for Mom. When he came back out, I turned around and Dr. Nestor had walked up to us. He didn't skip a beat and helped us put Mom into the wheelchair. My mouth dropped open!

"Hello," Dr. Nestor said to Mom.

"Hello," Mom said.

We all walked to the back door and Dr. Nestor held it open as we wheeled Mom inside and made our way down the hall.

"I'll check in before you leave," Dr. Nestor said.

"Okay. Great. Thank you," Dad said.

We watched him continue down the hall.

"I can't believe he helped us," I said.

I had never seen a Doctor help patients out in the parking lot of their office. He went up another level in likeability.

"I know. I think we picked the right Doctor," Dad said.

"Yeah, me too," I said.

The lab work was quick. It was a simple blood draw. We were in and out of the office in a few minutes. They didn't mess around and I was glad. We didn't have the option to be kept waiting given Mom's fragile state.



Mom loaded in wheelchair & waiting to get labs

Days Juicing: 23

At new Doctor's office waiting in hallway. She couldn't have anything to eat, no juice, and we didn't give her the nutritional supplements we normally give in the morning either. I was a little concerned with how weak she would be. But she did great. I packed some apple slices that I gave her the minute she got back in the car (the juices, especially the green ones, can't be kept. they must be drunk the moment they are made.)

Dad talking with Mom before labs

Days Juicing: 23

Mom was so cute, she wanted Dad to take her for a ride around the Dr.'s office. When she was in the hospital, and skilled care facility, she liked visiting other patients (of course the hospital didn't want her doing this). So Dad wheeled her around and had her meet the front office staff at the new Dr.'s.

Leaving from lab work

Days Juicing: 23

Mom did great and so did the new Doctor's office. We were in and out very quickly. Even the new Dr. came by to say "Hi" (we have an appt with him next week), and he didn't have to.

He checked Mom's heart and lungs. Then her pulse and oxygen.



He seemed shocked, and pleasantly happy with both. I think, based on her chart from the hospital, he was expecting much worse.

Next week we get the results from the blood work. This will be the first blood work she's had done since her admittance to the hospital in Aug 2012.

Dad and I are very interested to see the impact these high powered juices are doing on her blood. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Juice Day 23

2 apples

3 carrots

1 pomegranate

2 leaves red lettuce

4 leaves napa cabbage

3 leaves beet greens

3 leaves kale

2 leaves collard greens

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