CHAPTER 33 Interview The Doctors

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"My heart bleeds too much with you."


Dad and I stood outside the Hospital. Mom was home being looked after by Kate.

"So, what are we going to do?" I asked.

"Well, let's call the insurance company and see what they say."

I sat on the bench while Dad paced back and forth next to me talking to his health insurance company.

"So, can you send me a list of Doctor's in this area?" he asked.

Then he sat next to me on the bench.

"Okay. They said they don't care who we take her to, as long as it's a preapproved doctor on their list," Dad said.

"Okay. So how do we know which one would be good?" I asked.

"We call each one of them, if we have to," he said.

Dad started down the list. He repeated the same story over and over again.

"Hi. I have a very sick wife and we're looking for a new Doctor for her. Because she's so weak, I want to meet with the Doctor before and decide if we even like them before I bring her down," Dad told them.

Yeah, that didn't go over well with a lot of the office staff.


You want to interview the Doctor first?

We don't do that. Sorry.

Dad kept going down the list. We wanted someone we could work with along with the Doc, our chiropractor, who was frankly more of our "family doctor" than any M.D. We didn't need some Western Medicine robot who wanted to pump her full of meds. We'd already seen that movie at the hospital and the skilled care facility. No. We wanted someone who was open to working with us, not talking to us like we were children.

I thought we'd be there all day with Dad on the phone.

"Okay, great. Thank you," Dad said as he hung up.

"So I left some messages and we'll see what happens," Dad said.

"Good job!"

"Okay let's get out of here," Dad said.

It was amazing what a little hope could do for your day. Maybe we'd find the right Doctor that wouldn't spout all the Western Medicine bullshit at us and make me want to choke them out.



Dr. visit

Days Juicing: 15

We consider our Chiropractor, our Family doctor, even though he's not an M.D. When we're sick, we go see him, get adjusted, therapy, and nutritional supplements. He's been treating us for almost 10 years, through all kinds of stuff. But he does know his limits. And when things are outside his realm, he sends us to the medical Doctor's. Its how we roll..we're weird like that.

So with Mom's issues, he has things he does to check her, energetically, to find out how she's doing and what he can do to help support her healing.

Mom getting adjusted by our Dr. (chiropractor/family dr./healer) for almost 10 yrs.

Days Juicing: 15

Dr. energetically found viral infection in heart, lungs, stomach, spleen, and sinuses. Adjusted her and tested with supplements. Mom came down on 2, and went up on 1.

He said her protein levels are good (she's getting it from the juices) and she's getting 2-3x the amount of nutrition she needs (drinking between 3-4 juices a day..maybe a bite or two of food but that's it).

He energetically tested her 2wks prior, and picked up Cancer in her spleen, and pancreas (this was not medically found by hospital). He took Dad aside, and said Mom is in a very fragile state, a turning point. She could improve or decline. And it won't be because we didn't do enough. Dad and I are doing everything we could do to help her heal. He's not discounting the possibility of miracles either...and neither are we. :)

The Master Juicer got a physical today.

My dad got his physical today. They're in shock & wanted to know what he's doing different. Lost 14lbs.. blood pressure 125/59. They can't wait to see his bloodwork.

This is the first initial proof we have of the juicing concoctions working. We can't wait to see what Mom's blood work looks like.


Interviewed a Dr. for Mom

We had 2 fails at one medical group. Their attitude was less than desirable for us. They seemed more concerned with numbers, than compassion and support for potential clients.

It is no easy task to get Mom out of bed, dressed, in the car, waiting for an appt in reception, through an exam, back to the car, and back home. She is extremely feeble.

So Dad called the insurance company, and they don't care who we go to, thankfully. They gave us a list of 130+ doctors in our area.

And Dad started making calls to the potential new Doctors.

"I understand the Doctor wanting to take a look at my wife. But I want to take a look at the Doctor."

We finally got a call back from one doctor who agreed to meet with Dad and I without Mom, to decide if we liked the Doctor and if he fit with our beliefs (that we don't want to dope Mom up on medications or put her through chemo).

Juice Day 15

7 leaves kale

2 apples

4 carrots

2 leaves red lettuce

½ cup dandelion greens

*bitter from dandelion greens

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