CHAPTER 31 Stuffed Refrigerators

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"You and me


until dawn."


The biggest hurdle...was to see if Mom would drink the juice. I'm not sure what we would have done if Mom hadn't liked the juice. Thankfully, not only is she drinking it but she LIKES it. Mom's having between 4-5 juices a day, 1 cup each. Dad and I are drinking between 2-3 juices a day, per person.

Thankfully my Aunt and Uncle, Maria and Jeff, bought us a great juicer made my Hurom. It was one of the few that would extract all the nutrients without killing them (by heating up). Heat kills nutrients and that's a problem if you're trying to capture all the nutrients you can in order to save someone's life.

We had no idea juicing and produce would become so important in our daily routine. Nor were we prepared for how much would be involved. Not only financially but logistically. Juicing is more work than you think it will be. It's not only the decision of what produce to buy, but how much to buy in order to fulfill your juicing needs for a period of time. Generally we bought enough produce for the week.

Every morning we started with first juice. But for that to happen, you had to get enough produce out of the fridge to make the juice. You have to know how much juice you want and then backtrack to the amount of produce you'll need to produce the amount. Then you wash the produce and cut it up small enough to feed into the juicer. Once the juice is made you divide it up between however many servings. Lastly you get the bonus of taking apart the juicer and washing it. Repeat, day in and day out.

I started adding a few pomegranates in some of our juices since they were in season. I read in the book "Super Immunity" pomegranates had excellent nutrition. They also gave the juice an added flavor along with the apples. Sure you could do a kale only juice. But if you wanted to give the juices some flavor that would be pleasant on the tongue and tum-tummers, you needed some fruit in there. Since we were watching Mom's sugar intake, we used green apples which are slightly tart and had less sugar than other apples.

Our refrigerator was always stuffed to the gills with produce these days. We were going through kale and collard greens like no one's business. In order to keep the produce in good shape, it had to be wrapped in paper towels the moment Dad brought it home. We didn't have to worry about it spoiling a lot since we were going through it so quickly. But we were running out of space to put everything with only one refrigerator. And every week we stocked it full again. It was an endless cycle of produce and juicing.



Mom's Morning Shot

Mom's 3rd Juice of The Day, 8 days Juicin'

Dad went on errands for us. We're going through produce, like a small restaurant. Dad picked up some seeds for us at one of the local grocery stores that deals in lots of organic and natural foods.

As Dad was getting some sunflower seeds and runs into a lady whom he struck up a conversation with.

Dad told her about Mom being sick and having cancer.

Turns out this woman, went through the same thing a year ago with cancer in her lower abdomen, in her own health. Only, this woman, did the whole western medicine first. She did the chemo, and she did the radiation too.

Dad told her about Gerson Therapy, and also about the "Super Immunity" book. The woman thought it was incredible we weren't putting Mom through chemo and radiation.

This woman's cancer was down in her pelvis. The doctor's first put her on chemo, and then radiation. She said it got so bad, she felt so sick, she didn't want to live. Dad said the whole store kind of stopped around them, while this woman was telling Dad her story.

The woman said her sexual organs, and her digestive system, were all messed up. The woman went to her husband and said she didn't want to do western medicine anymore. And her husband was like "Honey, you have to do this."

But she decided she didn't want to. So she stopped. And she started doing research about healing and health, trying to find other ways to help heal herself.

And she's been off of western medicine, and on the new healing, with juices and nuts and seeds, for a year.

Dad said she looked great!

"I want to tell you something, what you're doing for your wife, is the most incredible thing I've ever heard. Because most families don't step away from traditional medicine for this kind of stuff. Your wife has no idea probably how amazing it is what you're doing for her. I hope you realize how fantastic it is that you're doing this for her," the woman said.

Dad became emotional.  It was hit home for us. Here's a woman, whose been down a path that we are now going down, only she tried all the western medicine first.

What we're doing for Mom, is extremely edgy. It's pushing the envelope of healing. We are on the very edge with this therapy we're doing for Mom.

The NEW Fridge

It's not new..but this isn't normally how our fridge looks. Lol

We've never had SO much produce in it before. We found a place where we can buy organic produce wholesale, which is going to save us a lot of money, in the long term. We go through between 8-13 apples a day. Kale, is like candy in our house. Lol

Weekly Produce Buy

4 bunches organic green onions

1 25b lb bag organic juicing carrots

3 bunches organic red beets

3 heads organic red leaf lettuce

2 heads napa cabbage

2 individual organic fennel

2 bunches organic cilantro

5 bunches organic collard greens

5 bunches organic kale

1 bunch mustard greens

2 bunches dandelion greens

3 bunches organic carrots

1 case pippin apples

Juice Day 8

2 apples

6 leaves kale

6 carrots

1 ½ pomegranate

½ head romaine lettuce

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