CHAPTER 30 Fevers For Healing

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"I want to forget

and forgive

every single




Dad and I were on "High Alert" for any type of change going on with Mom. So when we noticed she had a fever, we called the Doc. We'd known from our own history with fevers and the Doc, they weren't bad as long as they didn't get high.

He told us Mom's body would be trying to clean itself out and fevers were a tool the body used to launch an assault on the "bad guys".

We kept tabs on her temperature at least twice a day to make sure it didn't go into the danger zone. Her fever lasted two days. But she otherwise seemed fine.

I went into the bathroom for my shower. Some days it was the only I escape I had. There was no relaxing "me time" these days. The water was soothing on the stress and skin.  It provided a sliver of peace to keep me going.

I would have stayed under the water for hours if I could. But the water situation was a joke where we rented. We literally had to buy our own water and truck it in. So we conserved every drop. When we took showers, it was all about getting wet and turning the water off. Then we soaped up and turned the water back on to rinse off. We only flushed the toilet for poop.

"Hey Kid," Dad said at the bathroom door.

"Yeah," I said.

"We've got to come in. Mom has to use the toilet," Dad said.

The rush of cold air hit my skin as the bathroom door opened.

"Okay," I said.

So much for all the warmth from the steam.

"Hi Mom," I said as I peeked from behind the shower curtain.

"Hi Kid," Mom said.

I hoped it wasn't going to be one of these long drawn out toilet sit-ins. I was going to get cold and the blood running down my legs wouldn't be pretty either.

Dad always got weird about women's bodies issues. I don't know why. He came from a woman. He was married to a woman for several decades. He co-created a woman too.

If anything you'd think he'd be over women, our bodies and our "issues".

If I didn't want to talk to him about something all I had to do was say, "It's a woman thing. But if you want to know, I'll tell you."

"No. No," Dad would say.

Then the subject would be immediately dropped, which I always found highly amusing.

"Okay Kid. We're done," Dad said.

"Okay. Bye Mom," I said.

"Bye," Mom said.

There was a little more time before I had to face my world again. A little more time to pull myself together and pretend I was okay for the journey in front of me.



This is Love

Days Juicing: 6

My Dad is going above and beyond the call...seriously. It's amazing. It is. The Hospital and the local Skilled Care Facility, both said, they've never seen a "man" show up like my Dad has for my Mom...even for the "nasty" jobs. Dad's been jumping in. And even through all the hitting, punching, biting, and stomping that my Mom has done to him, he still loves her. It's amazing.. Did I say that already?

Mom and Dad Drinking their Morning Shots

Days Juicing: 6

Look, we freely admit, my Dad and I, we don't have this all figured to help my Mom heal completely. As far as I know, there's no one we've come across, that has it all figured out either. We're getting pieces, here and there, and putting them together into a program for my Mom's healing. Juicing is probably, a pretty large piece, speaking nutritionally.

Some people are skeptical about the juicing. They're skeptical about the juicing, but they do believe in the chemo. Uh.. That boggles my mind. When they know nothing about the juicing, or how to build the immune system back up without using pharmaceutical chemicals.

The Hospital Oncologist is recommending chemo. The medical community considers chemo an "out-patient" treatment. Say what? You want us to put Mom through, roughly six months of total hell (from what little I know of chemo...and what a close friend told me about her Mom going through some of it), at home, and it's totally okay...that she's going to loose her hair...vomit....all exits no waiting... And yet, for gosh sakes, don't look into other therapies and treatment that might help her. No. NO! Let's put poison in her body. Let's put poison in her body, kill the cancer (and we're gonna cross our fingers that that even happens), AND KILL A LOT OF OTHER STUFF TOO. Yeah. Sign me up for that.

I don't mind Doctors. I don't. What bothers me greatly, is that THEY believe they have it all figured out, and that no one else could know anything.

Yes. They do know a lot. True. They have knowledge in areas I do not and never will. True.

Also true, I have knowledge they do not. And so do a bunch of other people too, much more skilled than I. It bothers me, that generally as whole, the medical community is so closed off, in my experience to other other other ways of solving, resolving, and exploring healing.

One fracking Hospital Doctor, suggested, maybe we should bring her home, given her dementia, and let her slip away. WTF!

So, I say, let them talk. Let them get on their soap boxes. Unless they're going to show up and deal with the nasty jobs, they can go SHOVE IT.

I'm ranting... I realize.. I'm upset. I'm upset about a whole list of things, I couldn't possibly convey here.

My Mom's not a case study, or patient number. She's a human being. And she's the only Mom I have. So yeah, I have a personal stake in her well being and healing. Yeah. So sue me.

Juice Day 6

6 leaves romaine lettuce

1 pomegranate

1 apple

3 carrots

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