I'll Make It Up To You.

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I watch V get back into her car with a huff, and smile to myself

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I watch V get back into her car with a huff, and smile to myself. Watching her race is the sexiest thing I've ever witnessed, better than porn. Don't judge, all men watch it. If they tell you they don't, they're lying!

I follow the rest of the gang to our spot at the fence, standing next to Vance.

"If V can get a better reaction time off the line, she could beat him."

I just nod.

Two cars zoom down the track, their exhausts so loud it's almost ear piercing.

"They're pretty evenly matched. BUT" at the word point he points his finger out, "what Vaughn doesn't know, we did some small mods to V's car recently.."

I laugh and shake my head. "That's hilarious."

"I hope she can get him. Vaughn can be such a shit stain sometimes. He needs to be taken down a notch."

"That's funny coming from you."

"What?" he turns to me, "I may talk shit, but I speak the truth."

I laugh, the Russo brother are cocky motherfuckers.

"They're up! WHOO!!" Taylor yells.

Vaughn's charcoal gray VW pulls up, V's dark blue RSX follows. I'm nervous for her. Vaughn is a sore winner, and loser.

From my view, you can't really see the lights. It's only seconds,both their cars slightly lift up as they take off, their exhausts whining out as they hit the rev line. V managed to get an awesome time off the line, but so did Vaughn. They're neck and neck. Vaughn's car is backfiring. Pop. Pop. Pop.

"Go.Go. Go." I whisper to myself, bouncing on my feet.

They speed past us, and they are right on top of each other.

This shit is intense. My heart is pounding.

"GOV!" Taylor yells out.

"WHOOOOO!" Vance yells. "This shit is close!"

The farther they move down the track, the harder it is to see who's leading.

V's car swivels a bit, and my heart drops.

"Oh no!" I hear Taylor gasp.

"Shit!" Vance says, "SHIT!"

"No!" Vin yells.

White smoke is pouring out of V's car, her car losing speed and stopping dead at the end of the track. Vance pushes off the fence and runs down towards the time slip booth, the rest of us follow. The tow truck races onto the track to remove her car. Track officials run onto the track, V throws them a thumbs up, indicating that she's okay. She did awesome, keeping the car straight and on the road. This is a huge blow for any car enthusiast but it happens all the time. There's a trail of fluid left behind as the tow truck removes her car. The track scrubber is already on the task of cleaning up the fluids.

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