Chapter 1

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I always get this part wrong...

As his blue eyes gaze down into my brown ones my lips seem to try to move but fail, they fumble at first, then bumble and eventually decide to stay parted; and that, paired with my unblinking eyes give me that "deer in the headlights" look that every 18 year old girl wants.

I ALWAYS get this part wrong. The part where a slight gesture, the giving of the name with just the right tone, just the right eyelash flutter and just the right pout could mean SO MUCH MORE.

"HER NAME'S V!" My brother screams running through the bar, breaking the spell and leaving a trail of mud that I'll have to spend the next 15 minutes mopping up. Gavin or Gerard or whatever he called himself has become just a person and not the blue eyed lothario I thought he was before .
"Um" I say, my gaze steadily on him"I'm Vanessa and I need to get back to work".

When my parents decided it would be a good idea for their kids to join the family business and learn to work at all areas of the resort which they owned I think they forget they had a daughter. Or rather they forgot they had a daughter who had been through puberty , who had boobs which jiggled when she tried to run and a butt that sometimes knocked things over. Things men are attracted to, and believe me when you're the only caramel skinned, pouty lipped girl in a place full of blondes of determinate race, you'll get male attention. Whether you're waiting a table, finding lost golf balls or as I was doing now, mopping up mud, a guy will be there staring.

He waited for me outside the kitchen door as I fetched my cleaning supplies. As soon as I entered the bar again he started talking.
"Tell me something Vanessa, have you ever been to New York? " he said as I made sure the mop was wet enough.

"Mmm mm" I said while I took time to assess the scale of damage my brother had done to my dad's bar.

"Well, I'm going there for business in a couple of gets pretty cold out there. It would be nice if a beautiful lady like you could join me. And maybe keep me warm?"

At this point I was mopping out the wooden floor but still couldn't help but let out a snort at this Gavin or Gerard's cornyness. Blue eyed God or not, this guy was a walking cliche.

"Sorry, allergies " I said fanning my eyes and pretending to hold back a sneeze as I saw G glaring down at me.

"Right" he said, returning his face to it's natural composition " A girl like you, with your obvious free spirit would love a place like New York. Let me take you there Valerie"

"It's Vanessa" I interrupted. Squeezing my mop down into my bucket "and while any other girl from around here would jump at that offer I'm perfectly fine here" I said with a smile. "But do not dismay! I'm sure at dinner tonight you'll find somebody in the resort who just can't wait to keep you warm in winter. Goodbye Gavin." And with that I left.

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