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" That's so funny! " you laughed at v's story.

" He really did that in the middle of the crowd. " v laughed along. He kept telling stories about his hyungs, J-Hope was lost in the middle of the crowd when they went out. They searched for him for an house but still no sign of him. So, they all took out their phone and played Touch My Body by Sistar with full volume and here came J-Hope in sight.

It was lunch and you two were finding for a spot to sit where you can eat peacefully.

V tapped my shoulders. " How about that spot under the tree? " he asked

" Okay that will do. "

You skipped happily to the tree with V by your side but an unexpected scene greeted you. Your mouth fell when you saw your boyfriend kissing under the tree with another girl. V was confused with you shocked expression but realised what you were looking at when he followed your eye direction.

Tears started to form in your eyes. You were crying. V was flustered by your sudden tears. Not even once he has seen you cry. You had always been the bubbly and cheerful girl that he knows. Seeing the girl he likes crying, really tore him apart. He was just about to confront your boyfriend about it but he held your arm.

" Please don't " you begged.

He sighed. " Let's go to the rooftop, okay? My eyes are stinging." he said and brought you to the rooftop, where you guys always hang out.

You were still crying. Even though you dont love you boyfriend whole- heartedly, but being cheated never felt good. V kept on rubbing your back trying to calm you down. Then an idea came to his head.

He sat down in front of you and started doing funny faces. " Hey, look at me y/n " he said and made the ugliest face ever. He did that a few more times and finally.. You laughed.

* 5 months later *

Ever since the day you broke up with your boyfriend and never cried over him again. Well, V was right, He isn't worth a single of your tears. You could get someone better, 100% better.

" Yah! Give it back to me!" V shouted as he chase you around the grassy field. He's the one.

V confessed about a month ago after the incident and of course, you gladly accepted him. The two of you made a great couple. Even your parents approved of your relationship. He's very caring and considerate. Always put you first and never fail to care for you. Making you the luckiest girlfriend alive. You never regretted your decision of letting him patch up your broken heart.

" But you look so cute oppa!" you said before snatching it away from him.

After a few minutes, he finally got to catch you.
" Gotcha!" He took the picture in your hand and hid it behind his back. He sticked his tongue out.

" Aww I was just about to keep it. You look so cute when you were a baby. " you pouted.

He smiled and hugged you. " But now you're my baby" he whisper into your ear making you blush.


hey guys!!! long time no update HAHA, first v imagine i think. hope you guys like it.

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