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" I'll miss you, bye Y/N. " Moon Bin said before his family left, years ago. You and Moon Bin grew up together in the same neighbourhood. He was your best friend, but because of a job offer, his family decided to move to another country. Therefore, Moon Bin left. You still remember everything he said. Even though it has been years, you still couldn't forget the first friend you made. How you guys played when you guys were little. It has been 10 years and you're 19 now.

" Y/N wake up or you will be late for school! " Omma shouted. It's another new year for school. You got ready and went down for breakfast. After that headed to school.

" Ring!!!! " It's math class now. Ugh. " Y/N!!!! " My best friend, Raina called. " Oh annyeong Raina! " " Guess what " Raina said. " What is it? " " There is a new transfer student from the states and he is having the same classes as us and he looks very cute. Wait till the intro later. He looks really handsome." Raina continued complementing him.

You walked over to class, curious to find out who the new transfered student was. You took your time to walk to class, in other words you aren't really the best student in class. You're those that can get good grades even though your behaviour doesn't reflect it.

You head to class being 10 minutes late. Walk up to your sit just before the transfer student introduced himself. You looked up after and saw someone that you are dying to see for 10 years.

" Annyeonghasaeyo, Moon Bin iminda. " he introduced. You can't be wrong. " Moon Bin you can sit beside Y/N " You turned and see his eyes widened, as he walked over to you.


You went to the canteen table with Raina. You sat down there and saw Moon Bin. Raina called out for him " Annyeong Moon Bin! You can sit here. " Moon Bin smiled and came over to your table. Raina started questioning him. " Is it your first time in Korea? " Raina asked. " Oh no, I went over to the states because of my dad's job offer. " Moon Bin replied. " Do you have any friends here? " Raina asked again. " I do have a very close friend before I went to the states. " He looked over to me. " And I think I found her. " Moon Bin continued. We exchanged number and started talking.

You went home and shower and lay on your bed when you recieved a message. It's from Moon Bin.


M: Free to talk?
Y: Yea of course
M: So long time no see huh? Really miss my beat friend.
Y: Miss you too, alot actually.


You and Moon Bin sort of confessed to each other about your feelings and are kind of dating.


so sorry for the bad ending. my brain suddenly stopped working. anyways do check out astro's album:)) their songs are really nice friends. heheheh.

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