My pup dosent like you

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Alex pov

Coming down the stairs to heaven!! Breakfast duuhhh! I got to the table when my mom served me a plate with pancakes, fruits with some eggs and BACKON!

"I love you mom!!!!"

"Uuuhhhuuu you just love my bacon sweetie." she said in a playful serious tone.

"Mom I love you you know that right?" I said turning to her and I smiled.

"I know sweetie I love you too." she said smiling to me.

"But...I love my bacon even more!"

Call me heartless but this bacon is the boom!! I heard my mom giggling.

"I love you BACON!" Then I started eating but I leave my bacon for last! Once I was finish eating everything except my precious bacon. I stated to nibble on it oh my god I was in heaven. I heard a whimper to my side it was Damon. I smiled at him and gave him a price of bacon. NO lie if I ever give you my bacon your really special. Cause I NEVER give up my bacon to ANYBODY! Damon is an exception I just love him.

I don't now it's like I'm attracted to him like a magnet. Like I want him near me all the time I guess it's our bond getting stronger! Oh well since it was a Saturday I'm going to go to Petco to get stuff for Damon like toys. Cause he ain't chewing on my stuffed animals.

"Mom I'm going to Petco to get Damon stuff is it alright?" I said grabbing Damon in my arms. My mom looked up to me and gaved me a confused look.

"Who's Damon Alex?"

"Oh you don't know yet. Mom Damon is what I named my puppy." I said kissing his head.

"Oohh ok I guess is alright have fun sweetie." I turned to my front door out the house to my car. My car is not a fancy car no I'm not poor I can get a nice car if I want. But I want one with history behind the wheel if you know what I mean. My car is a nice 1965 black mustang. I payed it to get a new paint job, new seats you name it its like brand new! I love my ride she's my baby! She means everything to me cause I worked hard for her that's for sure!

I open my drivers side and I put Damon on the passenger seat. I close my door and start my car and put in drive. Little over 10 minutes I was in front of Petco. I grabbed Damon and closed my door and started to walk up to Petco.

I grabbed a cart and put Damon on the kid seat and my bag. I started going to the dog section. Damon was looking everywhere like what was I going to get him. Now I'm getting him a collar, license and tag that's for sure. I grabbed Damon and put him on the ground so he can choose his toys.

"Which one do you want Damon?" I asked going to his level. Damon started to grab a squirrel stuffed animal and a moose. Then he got a ball and a bag of bone treats. I smiled at him an grabbed them and put it in the cart. I looked at him once I finished putting the items in.

"Damon do you want to walk the rest of the way?" he looked up and barked up to me as in a yes. I laughed at him and went to the collar section and tags. I couldn't choose what collar to get him or leash.


I look up to a cute guy who had nice brown hair and brown eyes. He works here at Petco he had their uniforms.

" Do you need any help miss?" He asked politely.

"I guess you can I can't decide what to get for my puppy." I looked down to Damon who was siting at my side patiently. He looks at my pup and smiles at him then looks back to me.

"You have a nice puppy. Well since he looks like he's going to be huge. When he grows up to an adult." He said walking to my said and faced the racks.

"He does look like he's going to grow big." I sad agreeing to him and faced the racks with him. He grabs a small red collar with a red matching leash.

"Uhh I don't think it will fit him when he grows." I stated and looked at his tag it said Danny.

" This is a special collar and can get bigger in size."

"Cool!" I said to him I was about to walk up to him to get the items. But then I slipped on a toy that was on the ground and was about to fall face first to. Then Danny dropped the items on the floor and grabbed my wrist to make me fall to him. That didn't ended good I thought he will get my balance but I fell...on him. Let me tell you something it did not look pretty. If you walked by you would think we were doing the nasty!

"IM SO SORRY!!! ARE YOU OK?!?!" I yelled frantically and was still on him.I moved of him to his side so he can get up from the floor.

"NO NO! It's cool I saw how you tripped on the toy." He said smiling up to me and was getting off the floor. He was about to give me a hand up but Damon jumped to my lap and bit his hand!!!

"OUCH!" Danny yelped in pain and quickly moved his hand away.

"IM SO SORRY! DAMON BAD BOY!" I gaved him a glare and moved him off my lap an stood up.

I looked at Danny who still was holding his hand in pain. Danny shook his hand one last time then looked at me.

"Nah it's ok I guess your dog doesn't like me." He said looking to my pup on the floor in front of my feet growling at him. How was he standing in front of me it was a protective stance. I guess my Damon doesn't like him.

"I'm sorry again Danny and thanks for your help." I said an with that I got the items off the floor and tossed them in the basket. Then I grabbed my Damon in my arms and left. Damon was whimpering and barking and was trying to get my attention. I would love to look at him if he didn't bit an innocent person!! I sighed and I finally looked at him he was giving me the puppy eyes. That ain't gonna work he busted mister!!!

"I'm mad at you mister and you know why!!" I said and with that I stayed quiet and ignored him the rest of the way.

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