Chapter 3: NIA and ROC'S "ALONE" TIME!<3

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damn this girl got the whole package. im so lucky that the vending machine was on the other side of the hospital. so that means more nia for me. shes so funny. says how she feels.she so beautiful. i gotta make her mine. and her smile is like the perfect smile and her dimples are like …… woow.

ROC:(staring at nia)

NIA: roc?

ROC:(still staring at nia)


ROC: oh my bad.your soo beautiful it captures my attention. (turning red)

NIA:(blushing) awww. roc thats so sweet!! thank you.

ROC: welcome beautiful.

NIA:i know this might be creepy but i already know alot about you soo yeah. im not a crazed fan i can control myself……. sometimes( winks at him)


ROC: ( blushes) ohhh. (laughs and winks back) well how about you tell me about your self shawty.

NIA:well i dance. i use to cheerlead. i love to draw. i have a doggy and her name is chaos. uhhhhhh. oh yeah i love to party and i love to sing!!!

ROC: oh you can sing.let me hear you.( hands her his ipod.)

NIA:(looks at it and sees he wanted her to sing hook it up by them.) (sigh)okay why not.

ROC:(slides his back against the wall and fall on the floor)okay start when you ready.

NIA: otay!( starts singing)

ROC:WOW!!! that was amazing!

NIA:(blushing) thanks.

ROC: have you ever thought about recording and becoming famous?

NIA: well i did when i was little but now its like i dont know bcuz they have audio tune and you dont need to know how to sing but as long as you look good.(looks down)

ROC: (walks up to her and lifts her chin) i think you look good( stairs in her eyes)

NIA: (stairs back into rocs eyes)

ROC:(leans in and kisses her)

NIA: ( kisses back putting her hands on his cheek.)

ROC’S THOUGHTS:wow. her kiss was sooo soft and passionate. dont mean to sound like a girl but it was like heaven. i just wanted to kiss her for ever but i couldn’t i had to breath. i need her to be mine.i felt sparks. i think i-i love her.

NIA’S THOUGHTS: omg roc is so freaking sexy and sweet and i fucking love the way he talks to me. he treats me like a princess. his lips was like a new fluffy pillow. i kinda got freaky with it and bit his lips. i felt sparks. hes the one!

ROC: wow. am i the only one who felt that?

NIa:(blushing) umm no (laughs) nah I felt that too.

ROC: im just gona come out with it. would you like to go on a date with me tomarrow?

NIA:YES! omg i never thought this day would come.(hugs roc)

ROC: well belive it baby.( picks her up and spins her around.)

they keep walking on to the vending machine.



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