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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 2: MY HERO <3

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I woke up in the hospital i dont know how i got here but i had a major head ache. i was staring at the ceiling then a nurse came in …..

NURSE: oh good your up. i brought you some food. and you can leave tomorrow.
NAE: thank you ma’am. but umm how did i get here?
NURSE: you dont remember? oh yeah you blacked out. well that gentleman over there brought you here. he called 911 but they took to long so he carried you all the way over here. such a sweet heart.
NAE: wh-.....

i turned my head and saw princeton from mindless behavior sleeping in the chair. he look soooo sexy. he still had his shades on. i couldnt believe he saved me.

NURSE: well eat up and get some rest. goodnight.( walked out and kind of slammed the door.)
PRINCE: (jumped) oh hey your up. im-(gets cut off)
NAE: i know who you are(giggles) but why are you still here….not that i wouldnt LOVE for you to be here. but i mean out of all pe-( gets cut off with a kiss)
PRINCE: wow you can talk when you nervous but your a good kisser for an un-expected kiss.
NAE: OHHEMMGEE you just kissed me.but i just want to let you know that im not a crazed fan and wont stalk you.( giggleing)
PRINCE: good to know.(laughs) but i hope you dont mind but the rest of MB is in the waiting room. 
NAE: of course not. umm can i tell my friends you me they chill.(giggle)
PRINCE: sure.
i got up to get my phone but prince told me he’ll get it. i texted nia
NAE:Hey nia. im in the hospital.
NIA: what happened?? you was suppose to be here hours ago. i told your mom that you was really tiered and didnt want to be bothered. WHAT HAPPEND.??
NAE:(told her the story) and you wont guess who saved me!
NIA: whoo??
NAE: just come and bring the girls
NIA: otay!
in lest then 20 minutes the girls was here.the rest of MB came in my room and talked to me.when the girls walked in they was speechless. 
ROC:(staring at nia) hello beautiful.
RAY:(staring at celi) wow. you are the most  swaggerific girl i have ever seen.
CELI:(BLUSHES) well…(giggle) th….thank you.
PROD:(staring at moni) wassup cutie?
MONI: (biting her lip) damn you more sexyer in person.
NAE:hello ??? im still here!!
everybody: staring at the ones they like in silence.
EVERYBODY:(snaps out of their daze)  huh…
NIA: im sooo sorry boo. its just roc is so sexy(covers her mouth) did i say that out loud.(turns red)
ROC: its okay baby girl i feel the same about you.(winks)
NAE: well how about roc and nia go get me something from the vending machines becauseyou know your my bestie and you know what i like,ray and celi go get me some more blankets because its colder then a yetie in the south pole!, and moni and prod …. well idk what to tell you go in the game room or something . and on you guys way there and back yall can get to know each other. 
EVERYBODY: DEAL! (everybody runs to the door at the same time and gets stuck in the door way then falls on the floor on top of each other) oow! 
NAE and PRINCE:(laughs they ass off)
NAE: well now that they are gone how about you answer my question? (pattomg on the bed for him to sit next to her)
PRINCE: (sits and and takes of his shades and looks in Nae’s eyes)
NAE:woah! you got a black eye! what happend?( holding his face)
PRINCE: one of thoughs guys punched me when i was helping you.
NAE: aww im soo sorry.does it still hurt?
PRINCE: no. only when you touch it.
NAE: oh . well continue.(giggles)
PRINCE:(stares in her light brown eyes) well i walked around the block twice but the second time was when they attacked you. but the first i saw that you was really beautiful. and i had to get to know you but i was a little scared to talk to you and was a little bit up set. also i heard you crying and ididnt know if it was the right time and i got even more upset that some one made you cry.but the second time i was gona talk to you but then i saw what happened and when i held you in my arms it felt so right. and i just stared at your beautiful face and fell in love. i didnt even have to talk and get to know you. 
NAE: (tears in her eyes) jacob that was the most beautiful, sweet, most kindest thing any one said to me.
PRINCE: wow.(laughs) your a true fan. you know my real name. but i would like to know if you want to go on a date tomarrow. … with me?
NAE: (laughs) i would love to.
PRINCE THOUGHTS: wow she has realy pretty eyes and a realy beautiful smile. yeah she’s the one. i just feel it. 
PRINCE: (hugs Nae)
NAE:(hugs back)
they both pulled away slowly and looked in each others eyes.
NAE’S THOUGHTS: he has the most sexiest eyes.and his lips looks so soft. i wanna kiss them soo bad. imma do it . ima-( he kisses her) omg i was right his lips are soft. 
PRINCE THOUGHTS: we stared at each other for a good 15 seconds. then i leaned in and kissed her. her lips was so soft. and i wanted to kiss her for ever. as we pulled away i smiled. 
would Nae and Prince end up together?
comment and stay tunned!!

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