Chapter 14

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Hannah's P.O.V

*two months later*

I woke up from a weird dream I saw. I saw the dream I saw like two months ago. And Ethan kept telling me that I'll see him..he promise.

I stood up and I grabbed my phone. Twitter and Instagram blew up. I looked through and people were saying that Ethan has a girlfriend.

"This can't be true. He is so idiot to have a girlfriend!" I quickly looked everywhere...and there was a page with him and this saying that they secretly dated for months! My tears automatically started to roll down. I sat back down looking more informations of her until O gave up.

It was useless. Everything I've been through because of him were just...a lost of my time..I wasn't even her fan why did I continue this.

Furious I logged into twitter and basically roasted the shit out of him. Every single comment I made was so mean. He won't see it anyway...but even if he will...I don't give a shit. I wiped my tears and I placed my phone away, taking the laptop in my hands. I put on some music and I logged into wattpad. I saw that I had another vote from the account who was the first one reading my story. I messaged her.

Hannah_gold: thnx again for the vote. It really means a lot!❤

Ethan's P.O.V

I was almost asleep until the phone literally buzzed in my ears. I woke up rubbing my eyes and I saw the wattpad icon. I frown my eyebrows and I slowly took it in my hands. I saw that I had a message from Hannah. I messaged her back.

Dolan284: haha no probs!❤

Hannah_gold: can I ask for your name? I'm Hannah


Dolan284: David. And yeah I know your name haha

Hannah_gold: Omg you're a boy?!

Dolan284: y why?

Hannah_gold: nothing because you are a boy and a fan of the twins

Dolan284: Oh well boys are fans of youtubers as well ;)

"What the hell am I writing to her?"

Hannah_gold: haha that's great!

Hannah_gold: are you a Grayson or Ethan girl?

Hannah_gold: boyyyy*

Dolan284: Grayson. Let me guess you're an Ethan's girl.

Hannah_gold: not anymore

Dolan284: why?

Hannah_gold: because he lied David...he lied, he has a girlfriend.

Sorry for the short chapteeeeer but look what we have here! Ethan and Hannah talking! Watch out people because you might talk secretly with Ethan😉 hope you guys liked it! :)

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