Chapter 2 Kiss My Ass

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A/N so I thought last nights update was shit so I'm writing a new one to try get you to like this book. Comment and tell me if it's good or bad I need to know. Honestly please.

~3 weeks before~

~After dinner~

At the dinner table with all my classmates was very... awkward. I sat beside my best friend Sophie, on her left Faith, beside her my brother Jamie, on the edge of the table our teacher Mrs Marin, across my brother Jacob, across from Faith the schools bad boy Jeremy, across from Sophie her boyfriend Chris, across from me my crush Ian and across from our teacher Mrs Marin,  beside our Principal, Mr Morris.

Mrs Marin turned on the radio to fill the awkward silence. I wasn't really hungry, but it's pizza!

Enough said.

I finished her off in five minutes, Ian was looking at me as if I had just said I'm a man.

He held his pizza an inch away from his mouth, frozen. "What?" I asked him.

"Nothing." He finally put the pizza into his mouth. Sophie leaned over to my ear and whispered cautiously "I need to talk to you later, in private." I nodded and suggested to her to go up to our bedroom, but she shook her head, probably wanting to finish her pizza.

It's cheese and pepperoni ( sorry if I spelled it wrong lol). I try to start a conversation with Jamie saying "What did you do today? Were you with the girlfriend?" I smiled at him He gave me a shut-your-trap look.

I closed my mouth and looked at my clean plate. I stood up and pushed my wooden chair in, picked up my plate, put it in the sink and went to the sitting room. I turned on the wii.

I put Mario cart in and started to play. Eventually Sophie joined me. She sat down on the right side of me.

"Ok I'll start." said Sophie "Me and Chris broke up. He cheated on me with Faith last night.... I caught them talking about telling me. I was going to break-up with him anyway.".

"And when were you going to tell me, that you wern't feeling it anymore?" I paused Mario cart.

"After I broke up with him."

"Thanks." I said sarcastically giving her a thumbs up. I started to play it again.

"Do you not trust me?" She shrugged and left the room. I'll take that as a no. I look up at the clock, it's only eight o clock, I'll play for half an hour.

~Twenty minutes later~

I'm so bored playing this. I quit it to actually take a look around the house. The sitting room has cream walls, fabric corner suit sofa, a leather love seat, stove, red, black and white rug, coffee table and a computer also there's this antique lamp.

I get up and look upstairs mine and Sophie bedroom only has two single beds, looks to be the first t.v. ever made, an animal skin rug with the head, a small lamp and the walls are a dark chestnut brown. I start to change into my bed clothes and wait for Sophie to come up.

The door opened when I was writing in my diary. I looked up to see the most unexpected person to see in my room ever, Ian.

I blushed when he looked me up and down. I sleep in my really short shorts and tank top.

I looked back down at my diary as he sat down on Sophie's bed. I looked at him at the corner of my eye. "Why are you in here?" I asked rudely.

"I'm your new roomie." What? I jaw dropped this time and he smiled mischievously. I got up off my bed and went to the bathroom with my diary.

Dear Diary.                 13/10/13

I wrote alot into this today huh? So diary I just found out that my crush Ian is my roommate. Why isn't Sophie in here? She surely knows. Anyway diary I gotta go sort all this out and go to sleep.

Signed Kelli

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