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“Hailey where are you, ring me when you get this” I said into the receiver.

“Guys, its 1.00 I'm going to get Hailey” I said to Jasolene and sapphire.

“mamma I cwome’ to’” Tristan said tugging at my hand I frowned “Why are you still awake?” I said.

He frowned “I had a bad dream mamma” he said.

“Were coming, it’s bad for you to go alone” Jasolene said standing up followed by sapphire.

“Where’s Charlie?” I asked.

“She’s working night shift tonight” Sapphire mumbled

I nodded.


I walked into the house it was party? She lied to me, I growled she said it was just a small gathering when I asked her if she was lying she said she wasn’t.

I shook my head, it was so hot in here I had a death grip on Tristan’s hand and I was wearing nothing but boxer shorts and a tank top I was thankful Tristan had on his Thomas the tank engine baby grow.

The teens were grinding each other alcohol obviously controlling there brain, I frowned I hope Hailey wasn’t drinking.

I sighed “You guys find Hailey make sure she's okay” I said to Jasolene and sapphire.

“Mamma teddy doesn’t like this” Tristan said pouting.

I sighed “I know honey come ‘ere” I said picking him up he wrapped his legs around my waist and leaned his head against my shoulder.

I frowned my baby was probably upset I growled and pushed the teens out of my way and stood on the big table I heard some wolf whistles’,

“Hot M.I.L.F” I heard a teenager mumble, I rolled my eyes.

“Shut up!” I mumbled making sure Tristan couldn’t hear “Has anybody seen Hailey Johnson!” I exclaimed over the noise.

“Caydee I'm here” I heard her say, I shot her a disapproving look she was sitting next to a guy I frowned and shot her another disapproving look “okay… teens get back to….drinking…kissing….and grinding” I said awkwardly getting of the table.

“Mamma don’t fowget’ me!” I heard Tristan exclaim he was pouting, it was cute but looked an awful lot like his dad…..made him look like a model.

“Yeah, yeah” I mumbled wrapping my hands around his waist and picking him up…again, somehow throughout this Tristan wanted to stand on the table because he wanted to be like quote, unquote “Super Tristan man”.


“Oh for the love of fuck!” I exclaimed throwing my hands up in frustration, Tristan was with his friend; the neighbours.

I was sitting here watching the stupid basketball game I was rooting for a team who’s name I didn’t know, I was just rooting for them because their was hot boy in the team.

Not as hot as Brent.

I groaned.

Brent P.O.V

I sat on the bench watching Dylan play with his kids, the same pang of jealousy shot through me the pang of jealousy that I was oh so familiar with.

I felt someone near me, surprisingly I couldn’t smell them I frowned I could hear them perfectly but I couldn’t smell them I looked to my side and saw I think his name was…..Tristan.

He was sitting there grinning up at me he was wearing a pair of cargo shorts and his browny grey eyes were shining in the sunlight glinting with mischief and I hate to admit but he looked so cute! “Hi……agwain’” he said smiling sheepishly.

“I think your following me” I mumbled.

He gave me an overly dramatic gasp “No…..No I'm nwot’….I saw you here lwooking’ swad’… usual and I thwought’ lets mwkae’ him wappy’!” he said grinning like a mad man,

“I’m not sad” I said frowning.

He got on his knees near the bench and put his small little finger to my wrinkles and straightened them out then he kissed his teddy bear’s paw and rubbed it on my head I closed my eyes feeling the soft hand of the teddy.

I opened my eyes and saw Tristan half sitting on my lap he was grinning widely he looked adorable “I twook’ away your swadness’” he said smiling “my mamma dwoes’ twhat’ to me when I'm cwying’” he said smiling proudly.

“Well your mamma must be nice lady” I mumbled noticing he was still wearing my bracelet he had it wrapped around four times as his wrist was to small.

He noticed me staring at it and smiled “I dwidnt’ twake’ it off, I'm going to wear it untwil’ ywour’ wappy’” he said.

I smiled softly this kid was kinda sweet.

“lwets’ go play” he said holding his hand out.

“Kid, you go play I don’t play” I said.

He frowned “ill scream…” he said smirking…..damn this kid looked like me when he smirked.

“You wouldn’t” I mumbled.

He grinned “ywes’ I would” he said.

This is something Caydee would do. I felt a pang of pain run through my heart I miss her so much.

He shook my head “your evil kid” I mumbled.

He giggled “I know” he said.

Holding his small hand out for me to take, I looked at his eyes and he was smiling I bought my big hand to his small delicate one I held it lightly and he took me to the swings and held his arms up “hwelp’ me wup’?” he asked.

I nodded and held his waist gently settling him onto the swing.

“pwush’ me” he demanded like small king sitting in his throne…..but only his throne was the swing.

I nodded not wanting to hear his scream if I didn’t. 

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