This story randomly popped in my head so here a go

Hope you like it





Looking up I was shocked could it really be him? Is this really possibly? All these years from being apart not seeing him and now he is right in front of me.

With his dirty blond hair falling messily in a sexy way around his face, while he jumps around on stage. His piercing blue eyes looking over the screaming crowd with droplet of sweat on his face.  He has a while t shirt with a black leather vest on, and some black skinny jeans. Even though I couldn’t see them

but I knew he has six packs like he did 5 years ago…

His eyes roamed the crowd and I got a glimpse of it and it made my eyes watery. All the memories of us came back to me the love that we shared. The way that we kissed, how he would give me a shoulder to cry on, the way he would hold me at night when I’m alone.

He was my first love my first true love…

We were just kids in love but it was true. All too soon it ended when one day I came home from school and my mom made me pack and go with her. She didn’t say why she just made me leave with her. I wanted to go at least say bye to him but she wouldn’t let me.

I remember tears falling from my eyes when we left, it hurt so badly leaving everything behind and go to god knows where. I found out a year later that we left because my mom was gambling. She betted something and lost…she betted me… when she lost she freaked out and took me and ran away. At the time we had very little money, mostly because she lost all her money gambling.

At first I was really mad she did that. But later on I understood her pain, it was addictive she couldn’t stop. Still at the end she didn’t give me up she couldn’t do that no matter how addicted she was. It was because she loved me too much. So eventually I forgave her. 2 years after we left she let me go back and find him.

I found him alright, his mom let me in and I went to his room looking for him. I was so happy I couldn’t wait to see him ends up I found him having sex with some girl. It was too much for me to handle so I ran off before he got to see me. Never looked back again and never saw him until now…

Just looking at him on stage kills me inside. Today is my 18th birthday and my boyfriend Luke said he wanted to surprise me by bringing me to a concert. This sure as hell is a big surprise that neither of us had planned. But here we are standing at the concert of my ex boyfriend from 5 years ago that I never forgot about.

I didn’t realize I was the only one not dancing until Luke bumped into my side asking why I wasn’t dancing.

“Oh I don’t know umm yea” I started to try and dance but I just couldn’t get my eyes off of him.

“Are you ok? Do you not like my surprise? Luke asked sounded a little disappointed because he thought I didn’t like the concert.