Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 

The next day I was really excited because not only were Ron and I together but we were about to get Fred and George back. We had a hair color changing smoke bomb each and Fred and George were talking to Lee Jorden. We came up behind the twins and yelled, "Lee run!" Lee did as we said as we threw the hair color changing smoke bombs and ran for our lives so we didn't get caught in it. When the smoke had cleared (A\/N: and all was said and done, I was addicted by the age of twenty-one -The Westerner by FIR :P), Ron and I turned and looked at the completely shocked twins whose hair was now rainbow colored. Ron and I cracked up laughing so hard we had to lean on each other so we wouldn't fall over. Lee and everyone else who were in the common room laughed too. Fred and George glared at us. 

"It's payback for all the times you got me in those sticky situations and for all the times you got Ron with one of your pranks." I said grinning when Ron and I had finally calmed down and stopped laughing. We were both grinning ear-to-ear. Fred and George, in the end, laughed. 

"That was a good one." They said grinning. 

"So how long will our hair be like this?" Fred asked. 

"Two months since we used two." Ron answered. 

"You're not joking are you?" George asked. 

"I'm afraid not Georgie." I said wondering if they were going to mad about it. 

"Is there a way to make it go back to normal?" They asked. 

"Well, no... but it's possible to come up with a spell to get rid of it and stuff." Their faces fell. 

"Where did you get these from?" Fred asked. 


"But we-" They couldn't say anything else cuz Ron and I pulled them up the stairs and into Ron's and Harry's dorm. The room was empty besides the four of us. "What?" 

"I got them from the owner for free because they're not on the shelf yet and he hasn't come up with a name for them or a way to make your hair go back to normal before it's actually supposed to and he said that I could have them for free as long as I go back to him and tell him how it went." I said grinning. 

"Why didn't he tell us about it?" George asked. I shrugged. 

"Don't ask me. Oh and you know those pellets that you throw and sticky stuff attaches to whatever it hits?" They nodded, eagerly. "That stuff is da bomb! We used it on Mrs. Norris and Filch is mad because it won't come off for a week." The twins laughed. 

"Who is 'we'?" Fred asked. 

"Harry, Ron, and I." I said shrugging. 

"Aw, we wanted to see it work for ourselves." They said pouting. I giggled. 

"I have more and I has more of those hair color thingies! I was thinking of using it on some Slytherins and Abby-What's-Her-Face-Who-Should-Be-In-Slytherin." I said grinning. 

"I say the first person we get is that greasy-haired git." George said grinning. We all agreed with no complaint. 

"So... when shall we get him?" I asked as we walked down the stairs, still giggling about Fred and George's hair. 

"How about tomorrow during class?" Ron asked. 

"Nah... it should be at night when he's still sleeping." I said grinning. 

"We like they way you think, Miss Potter." Fred and George said in a posh accent. 

"Why thank you Mr. Weasleys." I said mimicking them. Ron shook his head. I giggled and ruffled his hair. 

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