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I was setting up my new room. I couldn't believe it I was finally out of high school and moved out of home. It was so strange. My parents are not impressed with "my life choices". My mum hasn't looked at me the same since I came out to her during my senior year. But it doesn't matter. I hear a knock on my door, my Aunty just wanted to check in on me. It was so awesome of her and my uncle to let me stay here until I figured out what I was going to do. I start university tomorrow and I'm so excited. I'm a bit down because my best friend isn't going to the same one but we still talk every day. I decided to get my stuff together for tomorrow seeing as I have orientation. I just hope I don't get lost.

The next morning I slept in so I'm running late. Typical the one time I don't wake up before my alarm goes off. My Aunty is laughing as I go to run out the door. Apparently it's funny when you forget your keys. I jump in my car. It's crappy but it's reliable so I shouldn't complain. The drive wasn't as bad as I thought so I made it just on time. So I'm following the tour guide and getting so excited.

But then I see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my whole life. I so distracted by her I walked straight into the guy in front of me! OMG really I can't catch a break.
" watch where you are going." The guy says kind of annoyed. I mumbled an apology. I couldn't but stare at this gorgeous girl, she had fired red hair and the most amazing blue eyes you would ever see. She was just so beautiful. The guy in front of me kept trying to get my attention but he failed. The campus tour was finally over. So I made my way to the activities fair. Maybe I might actually join a club this year. That's when I saw her. She was handing out bits of paper. Oh shit she is walking up to me! Damn, what do I do?!
" hi, I'm Chloe. Do you want to join our glee club?" She said in the most angelic voice I had ever heard
" hey. I'm Becca. I don't sing but thanks anyway." I say quietly.
" well Becca I think we should hang out then" she says with a huge smile on her face. She doesn't wait for me to give her an answer. She hands me a but of paper with something on it and left.
I looked at the bit of paper and it was her phone number! I couldn't believe it. I didn't think about it. After orientation I went to the gym and started my usual work out. After my weight training and my cardio I decided to do laps of the pool for a while. Swimming always clears my mind. After I did 50 laps I got out and grabbed my towel so I could have a shower.

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