➰Ch 5➰

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"Long time no see, Malia," he whispers, yet I heard him clearly even with all the noise in the club.

I gulp as I stare at his Adams Apple bob up and down every time he swallows his drink.  "If I heard correctly your mother said that you still have no recognition of the Shadow word."

I finally gather up my courage, so what if an extremely attractive man, or warlock, is standing in front of me. By the angel, his shirt is unbuttoned.

"Well you heard wrong, my mother is a bit blind when it comes to knowing her eldest daughter," I stare at a loose thread on his shirt, totally wasn't staring at his beautiful chest or anything.

I glace up at him, my first mistake.  His cat like eye popped out even more with the black eyeliner accenting around it.

"It seems like you've been a very bad girl, keeping secrets." I closed my eyes I could feel his hot breath on my neck.  Dear Raziel. "I guess I will just have to punish you."

My eyes open in alarm as my insides turn into mush.

He's not there.

"Damn you," I mutter under my breath.

I turn around to leave my drink forgotten.

I spot a familiar red head grab the arm of a very masculine man as Marlene and Simon pass me to get to the bar.

What trouble has she gotten herself into now? Clary disappears into a room as the curtain closes

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