Daenerys x Reader { Saviour }

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The sweltering heat and the ever-beating down sun caused sweat to trickle down your already perspiration face, drenching you in your own precious water supply as you cursed the heated weather.

You gripped the reigns of your Dothraki horse tight- you were glad you had come across the abandoned beast- and the Dothraki Rider it had belonged to, dying slowly in the heated ground, far away from the Khalasar it had been riding in.

You were new enough to this landscape to be unclimatized to it, but you had been beyond the seven kingdoms a year now, and had become accustomed to the ways of this place... And its inhabitants.

Though what you would see later was vastly beyond anything you could expect, and would change your life forever.

for such a young man/woman, you had a fair amount of muscle on you- not overwhelmingly so, but it was certainly visible in your biceps. You had been outcast from the seven kingdoms for smuggling rum into brothels to make a living- you'd been successful, until you'd been given a sudden offer by smug rat who owned a particular brothel- though you refused, and was 'suddenly found out'.

But that was in the past- when you found him, you would ensure he was the first man you killed- but that was then, and that would be the future- but it wasn't now.

You squinted- you were sure you could see the faint silhouette of an encampment not too far off- but there were no horses about, or visible figures, so you assumed it was abandoned and eagerly headed towards it.

The horse's hooves thumped numbly against the sand beneath you, stirring a cloud at the horse's feet as you approached the shape slowly-

but as you grew closer, it still kept it's black shape, and you began to gain a concern as to whether it was what you though it was originally- especially since you were uncertain as to whether it's rippling form was the heat's mirage- or the shape itself's autonomous  movements.

That's when the "hut" snapped it's now clear-to-see neck around, with two visible Crimson specks for eyes glaring at you and your horse.

You had heard rumours, but we're not sure whether they were true-

But it seems as if they were, and you had just encountered your first dragon.

It stalked towards you with lightning speed, and your E/C eyes widened as you leapt off your horse- which was the larger prey, and slunk to the side, cautious and alarmed.

It was losing distance rather fast- and now you could see its winged arms as they galloped at you, you could see the iron grey scales that glinted with wrath- and the smoking, fuming snout that sniffed in it's next meal.

You could not move- in fact, you were entirely paralysed at the sight.

You could hear your large heart thumping in your chest now, and your bones rattling as it was so close now that you were almost blown off your feet by its powerful exhales- luckily, it was not looking at you, but the horse, which was neighing and shifting about with discomfort- brave enough not to run from its rider, but still anxious enough to pace about with nerve-

You realised that it was technically your fault that the horse might be about to die-

But it may as well have been dead anyway, if it had been in the Khalasar when it's rider had died.

You turned your head away when you saw the dragon lunge for the horse- but that's when you heard the powerful roar- not one from an animal, but a human.


The ear-piecing command halted the dragon, though it was not happy. You turned your head, still surprised you had not been noted by this creature, to see it turned around, and the horse unharmed.

But it was not happy, and whoever had just yelled out, however close they were to the dragon, were clearly about to be incinerated- but they may as well have just saved your life and the horses, so you felt you owed them, somewhat.

Which is of course, exactly why you decided to throw away your own life--saves opportune...

By screaming at the dragon and grabbing at its wing.

You sprinted several long paces in the sand, before leaping at the slowly turning beast and tightly gripping the top of its wing- hopefully, this would be a somewhat easy rodeo... Or maybe not.

You yelled several different words in shock as the dragon attempted to throw you off of it's wing, twisting, jolting, turning and jumping as it attempted to throw off this tiny little pest upon its back.

But then, both you and it came to a realisation- it could still fly.

You let out a large bawl which turned into a scream as the dragon set off from the ground, luckily only a few metres, before doing a little spiral, causing you to drop immediately, thudding into the sand with a sore butt and stinging eyes, but no major injuries.

At this point, the dragon seemed contented with the 'play around' you had given it with your grabbing of its wing, and had lay down, resting it's head on its talons and closing its eyes, giving off the feeling that it was purring.

You heard giggling behind you, and jumped up, turning around in bewilderment, to see the most beautiful woman you had ever laid eyes on. Her silky hair was ash-white, and everything about her was like pure milk and honey.

You took a moment to gawk before blinking and blushing, "That was quite an amazing stunt you pulled- you may have saved my life, which I owe to you." She smoothly said, smiling, and you laughed, "I could say the same for you. That horse and myself would be dead without you... yelling. Very loudly, might I add."

She giggled again, and cocked her head slightly, "You are quite Handsome/beautiful for someone who lives in these regions. May I ask your name?"

You arched your eyebrows at her bluntness- unlike you, she seemed fairly Unafraid to confront her opinions, "N/A, outcast. For rum-smuggling." You gruffly introduced, "And, you seem too elegant for these places- what's your name?"

"Daenerys Stormborn, Queen of Meereen, Mother of Dragons, Free-er of Slaves- the list is long and tedious."

Your eyes widened a fraction more and you could just about muster a single sound to exit your mouth, before throwing yourself to your knees and bowing your head forward.

"Queen Daenerys... I apologise, I did not realise."

"Rise, by the Gods!" She laughed, and so you did, smiling, ears red.

She placed an elegant hand upon your shoulder and leant forward, pecking you gently on the forehead, "Come. Drogon may take us to Meereen... We may talk further there."

What luck such un-luck had got you into.

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