I then ran my hand and started to rub my kitty over the tiny square fabric covering it. I went slow and steady moaning. I was having so much fun touching myself I forgot he was there. It wasn't until I heard his whimpers that I opened my eyes and knew he was ready.

I then untie his hands and had him go on all fours and paddled his ass till it's red and he moans in pleasure. . So I blind fold him and laid him on his back. Then straddle his chest.

"You can't see but you can feel my body" I tell him. He goes for my breasts first as he rubs my nipples slowly. Then pinches and starts to rub again. I moan. He then brings my body forward and starts to kiss my kitty.

"Mistress you are so wet. Did I please you?" He asked.

"That you did my little slave" I tell him breathlessly. He had continued to pleasure my kitty again so it was hard to talk.

He had the perfect rhythm going. He was a very observant slave. He was moving as I just did with my fingers. Same movement and rhythm. As my breath speed up so did his mouth,.

"Oh slave your good with your mouth." I tell him after I orgasum.

Then I move down to reverse cowgirl style and ride him. I rode him hard and with no mercy for him or me.




Lucia's POV


I was just looking at them. Nicolas looked at his brother.


"Andrew I told you to come later." Nicolas told his Andrew.

"I'm sorry Nicolas but you described her so hot I had to come sooner." His brother answered back.

"But what I was not expecting was how hot she was and how sinful she tastes. Yes she will do nicely." Andrew said.

Nicolas walks to me and put his hands on either side of my face. "Honey I told you we would do everything we talked about. One of those things was me taking you at the same time another did." he told me and waited for my acknowledgement.

I nodded yes, we had talked about it. "The only person I would ever trust you with is my brother." He said and started to unzip my dress.

I reached out my hand and stopped him.

I saw his brother start to take his clothes off too. Just as Nicolas did also. They stayed in their briefs and went to sit on the couch. They had on the same briefs just different colors.

Nicolas had on black ones and Andrew had on white ones.

"We will not pressure you and understand this is unexpected. But Andrew has been away in New York for a year now looking for the perfect woman that can share in our world. Yet I found her here in my office. We will not take you today but would like to show you what it would be like to have two mouths to pleasure, you. Think about the possibilities. I can suck your kitty, while Andrew sucks those luscious breasts of yours." Nicolas says making me more wet than I was.

"Think about it Luscious Lucia. I can stick my cock in your mouth while Nicolas Fucks you and plays with your clit. Then think about Nicolas still in your luscious kitty while I take that luscious ass." Andrew says.

I could not help the moan that came out of my body. I felt my knees go weak and Nicolas ran to catch me, before I hit the floor.

I was feeling so light headed. He took me to the couch and laid me on it. It was then I noticed Andrew was standing  there also.

"Did you lock the door?" Andrew asked.

"Yes" Nicolas said looking at me.

They both knelt down over me. "Lucia let us give you a taste of what it could be like." Nicolas pleaded.

What the hell was a girl to say to that?

I mean what would you say?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Hell Yeah I said yes.

They high five each other then Nicolas kissed me and then was pushed aside and Andrew kissed me.

Oh my what have I just gotten myself into.

Nicolas moved me side ways and Andrew finished unzipping my dress. He then slipped it off. Andrew held my hands over my head as Nicolas devoured my breasts. I moaned and struggled to free my hands so I could hold Nicolas to where I wanted him.

"No, no, no Luscious Lucia we call the shots" Andrew says, as he bends down and kisses me while Nicolas is still working on my breasts.

Then Andrew leaves my hands "Keep them here" he says as he moves down to continue to torture my kitty. I obviously did not last long with double assault on my senses. I was trembling with all the sensations.

They sat on either side of me and just hugged me. "We are going to my friends club tonight and we want you to be our date?" Andrew says.

"Yes, please say you'll come" Nicolas said.

Hot damn I have two dates for tonight and I'm sure it will be followed by more fun. I must have been a really good girl, I smirk as I node yes.



Hot damn, enough said......





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