Chapter 6

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Chapter 6



Raven's POV



I arrived at the address Tanner had given me. It was a fairly large house. I walked up and knocked as my little lap dog followed. "What's your name slave?" I ask the guy at my feet.

"Steve" He said and I glared at him.

"I'm sorry, Mistress, my name is Steve" I smile, much better.

The door opens and there is Tanner in all his glory. He is such a good looking guy. To bad he is dominant. I would never be a slave, I like to dominate to much.

"Sonia you're here!" he says all happy.

"Yup, Got here yesterday" He looks down my feet.

"I see you work fast" he smirks.

'Not me, I was busy sunning and this little maggot came and had the gull to grab my ass cause he recognized my dominatrix tattoo." I tell him.

Tanner laughs loudly and ushers us in. "One rule at the Dungeon, safe words are to be respected." I node in acknowledgment.

"Remember in there I am not Tanner" he tells me.

"I know Boss man." I call him by his Dominant name.

He smirks "No, it's Dirty Boy now. Nicolas used it with some woman he's trying to bring into our world. So I started using Dirty Boy." He looks at me with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"So have you found your slave yet or are you still looking" I ask him. Last I heard he was still looking for his other half. But that gleam tells me he might have struck gold.

"I think I found her. I'm training her at the moment seems she has a lot of promise to her. I think she might be it. But it is still soon to tell." He says.

"I am inviting her to my cousins Club tonight you should come. You might find someone interesting there" he tells me.

"Well, we'll see." I don't like committing. You never know what tomorrow may bring.

I head to the door and open it so my slave can walk in. I like this room there seems to be a lot of toys here. A big variety to choose from.

"So my slave, strip for me." I tell him and then look for the cord so I can tie his hands behind his back. I then tie on end to the pillar behind him and then tie his hands behind his back.

"On your knees and crawl till the cord gives no slack." He does as he's told as I look at him. I examine his body and decide I like what I see.

I like to see them at my mercy, at my feet begging for me to let them touch me. Begging for me to paddle them. If I like what I see, I might let them do me. If not, just the pleasure of their submission is enough to drive me wild.

I have him sit then I do a strip tease for him slowly taking my clothes off and pose for him in my thong and bra. I was on the floor now too, with a small Zebra print pillow.


This is part of the torture knowing I'm this close but he can't touch. He whimpers after a while of seeing me move my hands down my body and caress my breasts and moan ever so slowly. I then put my finger in my mouth and roll it around with my tongue. He was in a daze just looking.

I then brought that finger to by breast after pulling it out of the cup of my bra. I started to rub my nipple till it was nice and wet. Then I closed my eyes and pinched it. Making me moan louder.

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