#12: Take some of the toy phones, press millions of buttons, and pretend to be

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I walked straight to the cheap-toys section. I ripped open the plastic covering on the fake phones, still fuming over Trevor.

“Stupid boys,” I grumbled to myself. “It’s the same every time. As soon as you share your toys with them, they become absolute jerks.”

I started viciously pushing buttons, and ended up breaking the dumb little thing. I groaned, throwing it into a singing Justin Bieber doll.

“Shut up, Justin!” I yelled at the doll. I glared at it. “I bet you’re no different than the rest of them. You’ll share your candy with her, but as soon as you get your hands on her favorite Barbie doll, you shave the doll’s hair off.” I faked a smile. “Well, you would. If you were a boy. But, no, you’re just a girl with freakishly small boobs.”

I felt a little better, I’ll admit, after trash-talking Justin Bieber. I grabbed another toy phone, ripped the packaging with my teeth, and started pushing in random buttons. I made a ringing sound before saying, “HI BOB!” I giggled. “Where are you? What? You’re at the beach? LUCKY!

“Who are you talking to?” Trevor asked.

I glared at him. “I’m sorry, Bob, but I’ll have to call you back.”

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