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Pen Your Pride

2 years had passed since that day...

Edward sat at Shoshoni's bedside the entire time, Bella came and went when she could. Carlisle was the case doctor and made it mandatory to keep a close eye on her. For the time being she was stable but had been in a coma since day 1.

Sitting beside Edward Bella took his hand into hers. "How is she doing?" Bella asked as she looked lovingly into Shoshoni's face.

"Carlisle said her brain activity has significantly improved."

"Do you know why she ran?" Bella asked for the 84th time since the incident happened.

Edward had advoided the question but not because he didn't want to tell her but because he didn't know. Shoshoni's mind had been inactive for the past 2 years and only until just recently were her brain waves active enough so Edward could read her mind.

"She ran because she saw you, you look similar to her mother." Edward said as he took a picture from his pocket. Edward had Alice search the internet for a picture of Shoshoni's mother. Just like everything Alice did she over did it.

Alice found out that Shoshoni's mother was a pretty successful model. She was very gorgeous and surprisingly looked like Bella, with the exception of blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. Shoshoni looked just like her.

"She looks like me" Bella said, bringing her hand to her mouth. "She must've thought..."

"I think she had a flash back of the night of the car accident." Edward quickly got up and moved to the edge of Shoshoni's bed. "Shoni, wake up for daddy" Edward began saying over and over.

"Edward" Carlisle said as he popped his head into the door. "I need to talk to your about Shoshoni."

Hestitating, Edward got up and left the room. Bella took Edwards place at the edge of Shoshoni's bed and began telling her a story.

"What is it?" Edward asked nervously.

"I just thought you would like to know what you are heading into with Shoshoni's health."

"I don't care, she is my daughter I am going to stick to her side."

"She could have permanent damages, her brain has been affected greatly. She will eventually wake up if she keeps progressing like this but she won't be the same. She will have to relearn everything she once knew. She might not even remember who you are or where she came from." Carlisle told him.

Edward looked towards the door to Shoshoni's room. Listening to Carlisle's thoughts, he knew that he wasn't lying.

"I will take care of her for you Edward" Rosalie finally spoke. "I'll take her off your hands."

"Rosalie just stop! Okay Just stop, I'm not going to give up on her. I've been by her side this whole time not you. When she wakes up she is going to need me and I am going to be there for her."

Without another word Edward walked back into the room. Sitting down he watched as Bella finished telling her a story. "It's getting really late, I should get home before Charlie decides to send a search party out for me." Getting to her feet, Bella kissed Edward and then left.

Edward watched the digital clock in the corner of the room as it changed slowly, in 3 minutes it would be Shoshoni's 7th birthday. Moving back to her bedside, Edward took her hand.

"I love you Shoni, you don't have to worry I will be here when you wake up." Kissing her hand he smiled. "You are my angel"

Shoshoni fluttered her eyes, blinking several times she stared up at Edward.

"Shoshoni" he breathed. "Happy Birthday" he quickly added as he noticed the clock change to midnight.

"Who are you?" She mouthed. Trying to speak no sound came out.

Speed bump number one, Edward thought to himself. Reading her mind Edward smiled. "I'm your father, Edward Cullen."

"Who am I?" she mouthed again, thinking Edward could read lips.

"You are Shoshoni Cullen."

"Do I have a mother, or siblings?" Shoshoni mouthed again.

"No, your mother died in a car accident you two were in when you were only 5 years old."

Shoshoni closed her eyes as a tear fell down.

"I'm sorry" Edward soothed. "I wish I could change the past but I can't"

"That's not why I'm crying" Shoshoni mouthed. "I'm crying because-"

"-Because you don't remember it" Edward finished

Shoshoni shook her head gently from side to side, looking at Edward the entire time.

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