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(If you have not watched it already, i recommend watching Titanic before you read this because it probably wont make much sense to begin with.)


Rose's Pov.

"Jack, are you awake?!" My voice was shaking and fading away, as well as my senses. I didn't know what was going to happen, being left in the freezing cold North Atlantic Ocean. I was buried in fear. I didn't want Jack to die, I loved Jack much more than I ever loved Cal. Without him, I would still be that ignorant, idiot of a girl who had everything and did not think much of other people's feelings. I wouldn't be free. When I looked at him, I started to think that he would not make it, that he would just give up.

Jack's Pov.

The ice-cold water started to freeze all of my body below my torso. I managed to summon up my strength to open my eyes and the first thing I looked at was Rose and she was looking at me with fear in her beutiful green eyes. "Jack, Jack. We need to get through this," she clutched my hands tightly and held them close to her mouth as she whispered "Together." Her breath warmed up my hands for a second or two.
"R...Ro..," I found it hard to talk , my voice was shaking as I spoke. The cold water had started to take controll of me and was tempting me in to giving in, "Rose.. im not g..going to make it."
"No Jack, please."
I paused. I thought I saw something but then I thought I was starting to hallucinate; I wasn't sure wheather the water had won me over. I looked harder and then I suddenly felt like I would make it.

"A boat Rose. Look. Over there!"
"Oh Jack. How are we going to get their attention?" She asked, I saw she was getting colder everytime she spoke.
We attempted to shout for help but it was no use, we weren't loud enough.
"Jack, I'm going to get the whistle from that man, I'll get help. You have to get on this door. I know we can make it!!"
As Rose went to get the whistle to get help, I shifted my cold, stiffened body on to the door but I lost controll and got pushed under.
"JACK NO!!!" She cried at the top of her voice. She was distracted from getting the whistle and swam back, trying to help me. I just about managed to swim out from underneath the door in time and pulled myself back up. Rose looked terrified. Her long orange curls were floating above the water, half frozen, and her lips were turning blue.

Because of Rose, the boat was not far behind her and the light from the torch shone straight on to my face.
"Help!! Were alive!!!" I shouted, trying to get their attention. The boat came closer and when it was with us, two men helped me and Rose on to the little boat.

We both layed down with a blanket wrapped around us. I felt Rose's breath on my neck as she was next to me, resting her head on my shoulder. "We survived Jack." Rose whispered, her voice was coming back slowly. She looked very tired. The boats started to get together.
"We're safe now Rose. We will be there in no time." As I tenderly placed a kiss her on her forehead I saw a ship come closer to us. "Rose." I said.
I looked at her but she was asleep. I wrapped my arms around her waist and gently placed my head on top of her's and i fell asleep too.


Rose's Pov.

Me and Jack were soon taken on to another ship. I decided that I was never going back to my mother or Cal. A man came up to us and asked for our names. I smiled at Jack.

"Uh. Yeah. Rose De...De.. DeWitt Bu--"
"Dawson," I interrupted "I am Rose Dawson and this is.."
".. Oh, and I am Jack Dawson."
"Alright. Thankyou." Said the man.
"Rose why did you say that?!" I heard it in Jack's voice that he was happy but his face said otherwise.
"I love you Jack. All I want to do is be with you. I have always wanted a man like you. A sweet caring man who puts others before his self, unlike Cal, the bastard. Now that I have found you, I will never let you go. No matter how hard you try," I said in a joking tone, "Jack, you're my everything." I saw Jack smile at me.
"Just remember Rose, you jump, I jump. Right." He said, pulling me in to his arms for a kiss.

Jacks Pov.

Me and Rose had no bed to sleep in yet. The ship we were on, the Carpathia, had rescued quite a lot of survivors who also had no bed to sleep in either. We were soon offered some water and food.
Not long after, a familiar face came in to view. Ruth.
"Mother," Rose greeted her in an impolite way "so you have no bed either."
"Oh Rose, shut up. Can't you see they only give rooms to the important people."
"And then they gave one to you." I said and Rose chuckled
Ruth turned around and as she walked away, explained to Rose "You know, it's not to late to go back to Cal, Rose, instead of this.. mongrel."
"Mother, firstly his name is Jack and he has saved me, in every way possible. He has stopped me from turning into you and I am really greatful for that. Oh and secondly, your the only mongrel on this ship!"
"Rose, I will not stand for this, come with me no--"
"Excuse me miss," I inturrupted, "this is your daughter and she is with me. We are happy together and one day we will get married and yes, we will have children."
"You can't stop us mother. I am old enough to make my own desiscions without your input."
"Come on Rose." I said as i took her arm and pulled her away from the thing she called her 'mother'.

We both shared a room that night, it was 2nd class. I saw that Rose was uncomfortable in it, as she was used to everything being fancy. But it has all changed now. It has changed forever...

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