Chapter 4

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No one's POV

Suga takes wendy somewhere privately, she doesn't know where they're going but she's kinda excited but doesn't want to admit it. Suga covers her eyes so she can't see where he's taking her.

"Were here"

They arrived to the movies but it was empty. Wendy's eyes widened because it wasn't just a regular movie theatre it was a special kind. You've probably never seen a movie theatre like this. The seats were like a couch and it looked like for couples. There was also a different theatre that has motion to it. So your chair would move when their moving. There was many different kind and Suga asked Wendy which one she likes best she picked the couple and motion one because she wishes to be able to watch a movie with her boyfriend like that (if she ever gets one).

Suga's POV

"What is this theatre and why is it empty?"

"It's my fathers he's building this. He owns other things too, so I can come whenever i want"

"Daebak" She always looks so shocked, it's so cute and funny.

"Let's watch a horror movie!" 

"Uh do we have to?"

"Is someone scared awe I guess you can't handle it. *weakling*"

"Eh who's the weakling! I only said that because ajumma's can't watch scary movies."

"Then you won't mind if i choose the movie?"

"Go ahead, any movie you choose i won't be scared"

She smirks at me and chooses the scariest movie. Little does she know I'm terrified of horror movies but I can't act scared, she'll probably make fun of me so much.

Wendy's POV

We were watching the horror movie, it wasn't that scary but they was still parts that make you jump! Suga was soo scared, I couldn't stop laughing,finally calmed down. We were still watching I could feel the pop up and while i was waiting.....


We both put our arms around each other side hugging and hiding our faces so we can't see them screen anymore

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We both put our arms around each other side hugging and hiding our faces so we can't see them screen anymore. We were too scared to realize that we were really close to each other. We both looked up after the scary scene slowly he looked at me with this scared face. It was adorable I just wanted to hug him but I didn't. Instead we just kept staring at each other. My heart was beating fast. I've never felt this way before, what's happening!

Suga's POV

The scariest part comes on. Wendy and me were both frightened we ended up holding each other. We were really close and we both looked to see each other slowly. She looks so beautiful her hair was a bit messy and some was attached to her face but it didn't matter she was still so beautiful.  We kept staring at each other none of us would move. So I decided to make the first move by asking her if she wanted to go to the arcade. We went and i versed her in air hockey and she won. We then played a basketball shooting game and I beat her of course but she ended up scoring almost as much points as me. I was surprised how talented is this girl. There was a karaoke booth thing and Wendy was so excited to go, she was jumping up and down like a little kid. It was getting late so we decided to leave the theatre and arcade.

Wendy's POV

We left the place and then my stomach growled. Gosh it was soo embarrassing. He asked me if I wanted to eat something so we went to eat ramen. He wanted to go to a restaurant but he already did so much that I didn't want to go to a restaurant. We arrive at the convenience store and we start eating, for the first time after a while I had fun. It was actually nice. We were talking while eating, everything was fine until....

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