Chapter 1:- Surprises

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My life has been full of surprises. I haven't regretted for anything, not yet. When my mom exclaimed that I had been selected for the role of Ajabde Punwar, the brave and valiant Maharana Pratap's wife, my happiness knew no bounds. We had heard a lot about his bravery, back in school, and I was pretty excited and anxious to see what itreally looked like. Those massive palaces, heavy jewelry and rich attires, the style and elegance those queens and kings carried were an experience to gain.

Through my look test for the Contiloe Productions' show, I was introduced to Faisal Khan, who was playing the lead role; Kunwar Pratap. I had heard about him through media, he had won the trophy for DID Little Masters 2. Since then, he was the buzz of television. I had predicted that he would remain in the field of dance. But seeing him there, I was taken aback. A few days back, my mum had shown me a few episodes of the show so that I could get an idea, and undoubtedly, I was quite impressed. Never thought that a dancer would be such a fine actor.

"Hi" was the only word I personally said to him. He seemed a bit shy as he replied with the same. Nervousness crept in me as the director was finalizing the cast. Many talented girls had auditioned for the role but not selected.

Dear Mrs. Walia,

Your daughter, Roshni Walia had auditioned for the role of Ajabde in our show a few days back. We are happy to announce that your daughter is absolutely perfect for the role.

See you next week Monday...'

I re-read the message again and again as I couldn't imagine that I got the role.

"Di, please pinch me... I don't believe that they accepted me!"

"I am proud of you Roshni!" my mum whispered in my ear. I could see the happiness in her eyes.

I won't let you down Maa' I promised myself...

This is a rather short update, but I can guarantee that the chapters will get longer and more interesting as the story unfolds. Hope you all liked it. Comments and Feedback are mostly welcomed.

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