Never Wanted

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Christmas was spent at Mingyu's place as soon as they came back, and they celebrated it simply. They strung lights over his sturdier plants rather than a Christmas tree, and it ended up being a quiet night with no need for an exchange of gifts. They played old and new Christmas music throughout the late hours that they stayed up and enjoyed the other's company before inevitably taking each other to bed.

Wonwoo woke to a blue-wrapped present at the end of the bed and a smile that came from someone who had been waiting an hour for him to wake up. It turned out to be matching scarves for the two of them, and Mingyu made Wonwoo promise to wear it whenever he left the house.

New Year's was a lot more lively than their last laid-back holiday, the two of them leaving to attend a party that Jisoo was hosting with blue scarves wrapped around each of their necks. All eleven of their friends showed, and it surprised Mingyu that even Jihoon attended.

It was just about everything anyone could expect from a doctor hosting a party. It was organized and posh and a little over the top.

Seungcheol's two children acted as the night's entertainment while Seokmin and Soonyoung tried their hardest to get in on the infants' fun. The other's opted to either watch or to make conversation among themselves and although everything was relatively calm, it was never, not even for a second, silent.

The countdown towards midnight was focused on Mingyu and Wonwoo having their New Year's kiss, seeing as they were the only couple that actually attended. The attention made Wonwoo uncomfortable, but for Mingyu, he was delighted to be the center of events.

That is, until, Soonyoung planted one on his best friend and went running.

Most of them forgot about the numbers changing and leaving the year behind them, instead enjoying Seokmin make a sock puppet out of Soonyoung. Most of them, save Mingyu who was too busy making a wish for the New Year. Wonwoo's old wish rang in Mingyu's mind and he ended up altering it a little to fit everything he wanted for the future of the people who he cherished so much.

I wish we can all have a happy ending, together.

He gave a kiss to Wonwoo to seal the wish, and the latter kissed him back without even knowing what it was for.

They went into the New Year with subtle changes and talks of the future.

Mingyu wanted a bigger place with more windows so that he could fit more plants and an actual closet for Wonwoo. Both of their things were starting to overfill and he didn't know how long he could keep cleaning it before it finally all fell apart. He also mentioned a bigger bed, more food, more toothpaste, more towels, more everything because his way of living had so far been for one, and he wanted to adjust it to a life of two.

Meanwhile, Wonwoo wanted his own laptop so he could stop leeching off of Mingyu's, and his own blanket because Mingyu had a tendency to roll himself up in it, leaving none of the fabric for Wonwoo.

Mingyu promised a new blanket, and he delivered.

Wonwoo had to get his own laptop because he refused to have Mingyu give him something else when he hadn't even given him a Christmas present. So he went out and got himself something small and cheap that Mingyu ultimately teased him about.

Mingyu got into the habit of sticking a sticker on it whenever he had one on hand in order to scold Wonwoo for always leaving it in the worst spots. It somehow flew around the apartment and ended up on the floors, behind doors, and under pillows. The stickers weren't anything special, just price stickers or clearance stickers that Mingyu got from items closest to him. Wonwoo never bothered to take them off.

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