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Chapter by Alix


Sunday, 9:36 AM

I groan, sitting up. I'm so tired... If I don't go back to bed, it's highly likely I'll like, spontaneously combust. Well, not really... I'm more likely to just slowly wilt. And my dads would find me draped over the bed, my bright, dramatic gray eyes unseeing, my shiny dark blue, which usually spikes up, limp and dull. Besides, spontaneous combustion is messy. Wait, not that's exploding. There was this one musical...Um,anyway, I sit up slowly, incredibly tired (see above for elaboration).

I trudge to my closet and yank out an outfit. (I always have full outfits on hangers,because otherwise I'd come to school in my sisters red and green plaid skirt, which always ends up in my closet.) (Actually, one of my dads would probably stop me.) But I do put my outfits together beforehand, so I end up wearing skinny jeans,a white dress shirt (the kind that buttons up the front), and a dark blue tie that matches me hair.

Wait,I've got to tell you something. I am a boy. Otherwise, you'll go through this story with a completely different view. Once I was friends with someone for three months, and he thought I was a girl the entire time. Extremely awkward.

And I don't dress this neatly, but today is special for a reason. A reason that I can't remember, because it is nine thirty in the morning on a Saturday. Why'd I set my alarm this early? It has something to do with dressing nicely... Wait...

I snap my fingers. That's it. My grandma's visiting, and I need to make a good impression. Yeah,that's it. And she's coming at ten, so if I'm still asleep then, I'll ruin it. I pull on my clothes, feeling more awake (nothing like panic to wake you up), and toss my pajamas onto the floor.

I run downstairs and twirl across the kitchen to the fridge, grabbing apiece of bread. I hum a song from 'Hamilton' as I jam it into the toaster (our toaster is broken; it doesn't pop up, so we have to press the bread in), annoying my sister, Jacey.

"Stop humming." She grumbles. "It's too early in the morning."

"You just need to wake up earlier." One of my dads, Mason, says, striding into the kitchen in a bathrobe and his pajamas.

Jacey sighs. "It's so hard being the only girl."

I twirl. "We know. You've only told us, oh, about fifteen times."

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