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To be honest, Suga is surprised by how popular he is on youtube. After all, there are many artists that are more talented than him...

Outside of the art world, there are many youtubers that are more interesting than him... That are talented in areas that he struggles with.

One of the many types of youtubers that are better than him... Better than him, in every way, are song cover artists.

There are a few that he really likes... Such as LeeandLie, JubyPhonic and Kuraiinu. But there is one cover artist... There is one in particular that he loves.

He loves MilkBread.

Milkbread pours his heart out into his songs... He can see it in his bright eyes... And hear it in his beautiful voice.


MilkBread, Suga must admit, is beautiful... Even though you can't see half of his face in his videos... The youtuber, due to privacy reasons, wears a mask... A mask that seems only a little bit fancier than the ones you wear when you are sick. With a pencil in one hand, and mouse in the other, Suga decides to listen to MilkBread while doing something he hasn't done in a long time...

While doing some traditional art.


Oikawa Tooru, who is barely awake at seven in the morning, lazily scrolls through his notifications... Lazily scrolls through his facebook, twitter, and tumblr notifications. It isn't until he logs onto youtube that he slows down.

That he makes sure he reads every comment.

That he replies to every comment that needs a response.

Reading all the comments bring him great joy. Who knew that he could make so many people happy by making song covers? With a happy hum, Oikawa decides to conclude his time reading comments by reading the comments under "I need questions for a Q & A video!"

Most of the comments aren't surprising...

But some are.

Why do you just have your face in your videos? I mean, you're cute but it would be nice if you had pictures like LeeanLie does.

Animation in song covers make up half the video! Why do we just see HALF of your face?

I'm a big fan of yours... Have you ever considered making an avatar and having somebody do drawings and animations with that avatar? I just think it would make your videos cooler... IF that is even possible~

Can you sing AND draw? If so you should put art in your videos.

Even though Oikawa knows his subscribers are making a good point, he can't help but feel annoyed.

Why NOW?

Why are they, all of a sudden, (in a way) demanding illustrations?

With a heavy sigh, Oikawa decides to do some exploring... Decides to look at artists on youtube. Although he could be kind, and look at the artists some of his commenters suggested in older comments, he decides not to.

After all, the fun is in the adventure... The adventure of going into parts of youtube he has never been before. Parts of youtube he has to learn to navigate for himself.

Finding a good artist... And one whose style is actually pleasing to him, is a lot harder than it looks.

"If I find," Oikawa mutters under his breath, as his eyes hastily read the words on his computer screen "one more artist who draws in a style similar to that of the show Family Guy I'm going to scream." The computer, which seems to take his threat serious, for ONCE shows a cool artist...

An artist that specializes in drawing in anime and manga style. Having to tell himself to remain calm, and not get ahead of himself, Oikawa clicks on the newest video by sugarcookie.

It is a fanart video.

"Hey guys, it's Suga," a sweet voice says. The camera is focused on a piece of paper... And a hand. A hand that looks very soft. A hand that has no scars... It may sound strange, but Oikawa thinks the hand is pretty. "I wasn't originally going to film this... But at the last minute, I decided to. I hope you like it!"

Oikawa certainly does like it... He likes it, even though sugarcookie frequently says, "sorry, I know it's a little messed up... I haven't done traditional art in a while."

Oikawa likes it... And WOULD love to see himself drawn in the same style.

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