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Chapter by Autumn


Sunday, 8:56 AM

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping. Sun streams through my window, making my vision even more blurry. I crawl out of bed and fumble for my glasses. I finally find them on the nightstand beside Alice in Wonderland, or, as I like to call it, AIW. AIW is my favorite book in the universe. My name,Celeste Cheshire, also ties into that fondness.

I find a sweatshirt and pull it on, jamming my glasses on afterward. I stare at myself in the smudged mirror. My hair is the color of sand (or light mud), going only to my shoulders. It doesn't grow very fast. I trace the title on AIW, and flip to the inside cover, where my name is neatly printed.

I sigh, and go downstairs to prepare tea. I pour the boiling water into a teapot and drop a peach tea bag in. I take the top book off my pile of classical novels I have. Heidi. It's not bad, but... I don't know. But I'm determined to read it, so I open it up and start on the first page.

"From the pleasant villages of Mayenfeild, a path leads through green fields, richly covered with trees, to the foot of the mountain, which from this side overhangs the valley with grave and solemn aspect." I whistle under my breath. Long first sentence.

I continue reading until the teapot whistles. I mark my spot with a book mark and go to get the hot water. I carefully pour the water into my cup and stir some honey in. I take a sip, hot tea burning my tounge and lips.

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